Edmonds student delegation in Hekinan for annual Sister City Exchange


    The 2016 delegation of Edmonds-area middle and high school students arrived in Japan Thursday for its annual cultural exchange program with Edmonds’ sister city in Hekinan. Since arriving, the students have experienced a whirlwind of events including a tea ceremony and a chance to make their own macha tea, playing a traditional Koto instrument, touring the modern art museum, eating at a Sumo restaurant, meditating and then visiting the Zazen Buddhist temple. Their first night ended with a lively welcome party and dressing up in yukatas, for the girls, and jinbeis, for the boys.

    The annual exchange has been an integral part of Edmonds-Hekinan Sister City relationship since 1988. Japanese students will be visiting Edmonds later this summer and stay with local families.

    You can follow all the activities on the Edmonds Sister City Facebook page.


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