From the Publisher’s Desk: Thank you!

TeresaDear Readers:

Since I made my appeal last week asking for voluntary subscriptions to My Edmonds News, MLTnews and Lynnwood Today, I have been gratified by the responses. I have nearly 60 new online subscribers, bringing us close to 175 total. In addition, more than a dozen more have sent subscriptions or one-time contributions through the mail in the past few days and several others have increased the monthly amount they donate.

And then there are the personal notes of encouragement, including this one from reader Allison Harless, which I am excerpting from here:

“I have happily subscribed since shortly after discovering beautiful Edmonds and your super high-quality news site. I can’t imagine a more digestible way to be informed and involved. Coverage is impeccably neutral and informative as possible — very rare these days.”

I had several readers say that they didn’t realize they could subscribe until they read my note, and added they were happy to support our work.

And, I received this important reminder from another subscriber — to keep asking. Because people are busy. While they have good intentions, they forget.

So here I am again, asking. Could you sign up for a monthly subscription of any amount to support our work? The link is here. Please do it today.

And, here’s another easy way to support us. We have just joined the affiliate program. So if you shop at Amazon, would you please visit the site through this link? 

You’ll pay the exact same price as clicking directly to Amazon. And we’ll get a small commission on your purchase(s). Please consider bookmarking this page for your future purchases.

Thanks to all of you who have stepped up to support us as we work hard to provide our community with the high-quality, timely journalism that it deserves.

Until next time,

Teresa Wippel, Publisher

7 Replies to “From the Publisher’s Desk: Thank you!”

  1. I am happy to subscribe. I do not see the link in your request paragraph today. Please include it again tomorrow.


  2. Hi Sarah – It can be hard to see as the color is light blue, but try clicking on the word “here” where she writes the link is here. I didn’t see the color change either, but the link is active and I just subscribed as well.


    1. Thanks, Sarah and Eileen for the heads up on the link being too light to see. I just boldfaced it.


  3. I am happy that you got a lot or responses. “Ask an you shall receive”. (At least most of the time, I hope!)


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