Artfully Edmonds: Getting ‘Showy’ with AWE, a theatrical reprise, and music!

Susan Connors, member of The Phoenix Theatre does coy in the reprisal of "I'm HerHerbert" which continues its run beginning this Friday.
Susan Connors, member of The Phoenix Theatre cast, does coy in the theatrical reprise of “I’m Herbert” one-acts, which continues its run beginning this Friday.


Art Walk Edmonds ~ Featured Gallery Spaces 

The third week of each month Artfully Edmonds features, as its lead, the art exhibitions that readers can expect as they take in Art Walk Edmonds (AWE). August’s AWE has always been a bit of a show-off with its high-summer weather; the call of salt air wafting up from the shoreline and the aroma of exotic foods filtering out to the sidewalks from the many fine restaurants welcoming Art Walk Edmonds patrons before their stroll. This week is no exception.

Thursday, August 18

5 p.m.

All grown up with its sassy Wine Walk Edmonds, more artist receptions on Saturdays and a committed team of artist-visionaries, AWE has been a big part of stepping up the evening energy in Edmonds’ very walk-able downtown.

Arriving fashionably early for AWE is socially correct if making your way to one of Edmonds restaurants or beverage stops. The first thing you’ll notice is the buzz at many of the city’s restaurants, where patrons are sitting under brightly colored umbrellas.

Chanterelle's is the perfect arts-insiders place from which to start your Art Walk Edmonds.
Chanterelle is the perfect arts-insiders place from which to start your Art Walk Edmonds. A mural by local artist Andy Eccleshall adds to the arts theme of the traditional 3rd Thursday art gallery walk.

We’re starting our Thursday this month at Chanterelle American Bistro (316 Main St.), where Happy Hour begins at 4 p.m. You can choose the sunny sidewalk out front of Chanterelle if hob-knobbing with passers-by is what you have in mind; or meet your friends under the Andy Eccleshall mural in the chic bar and then start off on your Art Walk Edmonds experience from there.

It was only 18 months ago that columnist Kathy Passage (My Edmonds Restaurant News) heralded the news that Chanterelle’s had “opened its new bar.” Adding, “Our mayor, Dave Earling, sort of scooped me last weekend with his Facebook post ‘Chanterelle now has a stunning new full service bar. . . simply gorgeous woodwork and the usual attention to detail. You must see it!! Besides the usual great food, I now have a downtown Edmonds restaurant that serves Ciroc Vodka, which of course leads to a fabulous martini!’”

Continued Passage: “I headed over to Chanterelle and met with owner Brooke Baker, to get up to speed on bar ingredients, specials and take some photos to share with everyone. The woodwork is indeed gorgeous and is set off by a bright copper bar top and copper accent piece at the top center that sparkle in the afternoon light. Local artist Andy Eccleshall painted the lovely mural on the back wall. The Northwest ambience they’ve created invites you to sit and have a drink with friends before dinner.”

If on your list is to “see and be seen” before you make the AWE-some stroll through Edmonds Thursday evening – Chanterelle’s – Edmonds’ longest-established see-and-be-seen gathering point, is where you’ll want to meet your artful friends.

– – – –

Elizabeth Gahan has been selected by gallery owner Laura Zeck to show her work at Zinc Art + Objects this month.

ZINC Art + Object
102 3rd Ave. S.

After Happy Hour you will definitely want to stroll down to Zinc Art + Object, where artist Elizabeth Gahan brings an in-depth conversation of Seattle’s rapid growth in painted form. Elizabeth’s work will show through Sept. 12 in a show titled “BOOM: from wonder to whiplash.”

According to the gallery, “In this exhibition Gahan examines the beauty and inspiration behind our region’s urban environment while asking for critical consideration of the powerful dynamic between the natural and industrial world.”

She received her MFA at Claremont Graduate University with an undergraduate dual degree in Global Studies and Fine Art from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Gahan will be greeting admirers of her work between 5-8 p.m. in celebration of Art Walk Edmonds.

In Her Words

Elizabeth Gahan says of her work, “In each painting, the sense of movement, instability and growth is alluring and unnerving,” Gahan says.  “Watery backgrounds are beautifully surreal, yet unnatural. The bubble-like forms, gaseous and un-tethered, are an eerie reminder of the constantly changing state of our atmosphere and surroundings.”

After you’ve visited the gallery, you’ll want to visit their online information source at

– – – –

Robin E. Westbrook, who jewelry is showcased at ARTspot this month will be at Studio #14 during next month's "Edmonds Arts Studio Tour".
Robin E. Westbrook, who jewelry is showcased at ARTspot this month will be at Studio #14 during next month’s “Edmonds Arts Studio Tour”.

408 Main St.

“As mystical as it is enchanting in its revelation of tribal culture” is how Artfully Edmonds describes the beadwork of Edmonds’ artist, Robin E. Westbrook who will be greeting AWE participants from the colorful surroundings of ARTspot. She cautions those unfamiliar with the cultural authenticity of her work, it is “not June’s Jewelry” – referring to the simple strands of pearls worn by 1950s TV housewife June Cleaver.

In Robin’s world one finds mesmerizing ambers, fascinating-to-view turquoise, jade in glittering array, and many other precious gems and stones, spun and strung in the most exceptional techniques. And, isn’t that just what you’re looking for?

– – – –

Gallery North's juried exhibition "Beauty of the Northwest" shows in all of its extravagance at Art Walk Edmonds.
Gallery North’s juried exhibition “Beauty of the Northwest” shows in all of its extravagance at Art Walk Edmonds.

Gallery North
401 Main St.

The August Wine Walk Edmonds will include Gallery North in its circuit, thus giving Beauty of the Northwest fans two formal opportunities to visit with a number of the 47 artists included in the annual showcase of Northwest-featured themes.

It’s worth noting that Gallery North offers Wednesday watercolor classes taught by award-winning artist Lonni Flowers. Class is in session 2-4 p.m. and also 5-7 p.m. at the cooperative gallery.

Learn color theory, composition, and a variety of techniques useful for any subject you choose to paint. All levels welcome. Class size is limited to four students to allow for personal instruction.

Fee is $110 for 4 classes. Bring your own supplies for first lesson, limited supplies can be provided.

To pre-register, contact Flowers at 559-786-8943 or email

– – – –

"Winter Pond" by Alice Owen. Photo courtesy of Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation.
“Winter Pond” by Alice Owen. Photo courtesy of Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation.

Frances Anderson Center

EAFF Gallery
750 Main St.

Alice Owen
Artist Reception
5-6:30 p.m.

Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation honors the work of watercolorist Alice Owen in its August exhibition.

Artfully Edmonds previewed the show in this feature, published in late July.

– – – –

Denise Cole of Cole Gallery has chosen Impressionists Doug, Sharon and Jennifer Diehl for her Art Walk Edmonds exhibition.
Denise Cole of Cole Gallery has chosen Impressionists Doug, Susan and Jennifer Diehl for her Art Walk Edmonds exhibition.

Cole Gallery
107 5th Ave. S.

“Brilliant!” is how Cole Gallery describes the work of Susan and Doug Diehl, along with their daughter, Jennifer, whose work is featured in the gallery’s current exhibition. Says gallery owner Denise Cole, “Painting in the Impressionist style, mother, father and daughter come together to present a group family show.”

Their work focuses “on the beauty that surrounds us, whether it’s a carton of eggs, waves crashing against the rocks, or a field of red poppies blowing in the wind, color and light are at the forefront of their paintings.”

Denise adds, “For the past nine years Cole Gallery has represented both Susan and Jennifer but we are delighted to add Doug Diehl, renowned Southwest landscape painter, as a guest artist to this beautiful show. Although Susan and Doug raised their family in the Northwest, living in Woodinville, they now call Arizona home, where they both paint full time.”

As always, the champagne and music flows at Cole Gallery. This month Denise has invited Acoustic Cadence to provide a Celtic backdrop for Art Walk Edmonds strollers.

– – – –

for OMBU

550 Main St.

Need something a little on the “heavy” side for your music fix as you wander AWE’s offerings? Then turn east on Main Street as you leaving Cole Gallery and take in the vibes from the KGB (now, don’t get all undone, Artfully Edmonds isn’t stating any political preference. “KGB” actually stands for Kitsap Garage Band. You can be the one to ask band members Ted Orwiler (bass); guitarist Mark Jackson, lead singer Christina Stolicky Kelley; Paul “The Fess” Fessenden (sax player); and keyboardist Ron Cain just what the Soviet-inspired band logo really means.

The band tells friends of Ombu Salon + Spa, “this is our first gig on this side of Puget Sound. We’ve doubled our set list, adding 16 songs that include classic rock, grunge, blues, jazz,and folk charts.”

Ombu Salon + Spa, known for its edge, seems like the perfect pairing for this band.

Go see!

~ ~ ~ ~


Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA) went public today (Wednesday) with a celebratory 10th Anniversary Season line-up of performances.
Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA) celebrates its 10th Anniversary Season line-up of performances with an Artfully Edmonds ‘Sell Out Alert!’

ECA Events 

Thursday, Sept. 29
7:30 p.m.
Sell Out Alert!

ECA’s Opening Night of the 2016-17 Season is going to arrive rather quickly considering Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers start the exhilarating line-up of Edmonds’ main stage.

At press time there are several single seats available on the main floor for the show. Going with friends, but you don’t have your tickets yet? Balcony seating is your option and we attest: Music performed at the ECA sounds great from every seat in the house.

Remember last season how many Artfully Edmonds mentions of ECA main marque events carried the warning “Sell Out Alert”? ‘How each week we would move the mention forward giving our arts and events readers one additional week of show details and box office notice? Same goes this season – ticket sales are going to be hot!

The online ticket outlet for Bruce Hornsby’s show is at this link.

But before the ECA season actually begins mark these exciting events on your calendar and become a part of a very prestigious regional venue: 

~ ~ ~ ~

Edmonds Museum jPeg

Latest Gala Notices

Edmonds Historical Museum
Saturday, Nov. 5

Edmonds Historical Society and Museum president Bill Lambert sends word to My Edmonds News readers that the museum will hold its annual fundraiser on Saturday, Nov. 5 from 6-9 p.m. at Holy Rosary Church.

“Save the date!” and in the meantime, Artfully Edmonds will fill in the anticipated details as November approaches.

– – – –

ECA chooses classy chic to celebrate its 10th Anniversary Gala

Edmonds Center for the Arts
Saturday, Sept. 24
5 p.m.

Once again: The community is warmly invited to attend the ECA’s 10th Anniversary Gala & Auction.

The invitation comes from Edmonds Public Facilities District and the Edmonds Center for the Arts Boards of Directors. This annual fundraising event features exceptional food and wine, silent auction, and live auction with Pacific NW favorite auctioneer, John Curley.

Join over 250 community members and arts supporters to celebrate the vision that brought the ECA to realization.

One of the exciting welcoming highlights of the Gala will be bidding for hundreds of silent auction items in the ECAs chic front lobby. Then, according to organizers, “the party will proceed into a magically transformed gymnasium for a mouth-watering dinner and live auction, then take to the stage for the after-party.”

Chef Shubert Ho and Zal Smith of Shooby Doo Catering/Bar Dojo/Salt & Iron have created a tantalizing menu, with perfect wine pairings.

Tickets may be purchased online at or by contacting Angela Neubauer, Development Manager, at or 425-275-9492.

~ ~ ~ ~

Theatre District News

Funny Phoenix Theatre known for its motto, "Comedy without all the drama" runs with a comedic trilogy.
Funny Phoenix Theatre known for its motto, “Comedy without all the drama” runs with a comedic trilogy.

The Phoenix Theatre
9673 Firdale Ave.
Firdale Village shopping area


This week The Phoenix Theatre reprises its very popular one-acts show titled, “I’m Herbert and Other Short Plays”.

Review:  What Artfully Edmonds says of “I’m Herbert”

The Phoenix Theatre, which is so great it draws audiences from north of Everett and as far south as Olympia (plus its loyal Edmonds’ clique), is a professional community theatre specializing in all-laughter, all-the-time. “I’m Herbert and other short plays” was no exception.

One comedic actor after another crossed the boards opening night and strutted their stuff beginning with “Overtones,” which highlighted the polished talent of Susan Connors. Connors was joined on stage by Jeannine Early, with Megan McKay and Debra Rich as the “unseen alter-egos” in Alice Gerstenberg’s tell us like-it-is one act play.

When two rivals for the same lover meet over lunch — one struggling, one a socialite — honesty was NEVER so funny — or cutting!

In the second of the playbill specials, Debra Rich is joined by Steve Heiret. This is the first time that we have seen Heiret have this much “air time”. As a befuddled, stumbling young groom in the repressed ’30s, Heiret mugs, eye-rolls, pleads, beseeches and cajoles his overly sensitive bride into good humor. A marriage never unraveled as quickly as theirs, and Heiret’s character is hanging on to the coattails of his huffy wife in a scene those who have been married know all too well. Watch Heiret. His return to the theatre in the past year is significant! Those who follow Puget Sound theatre most recently saw him in “Becky’s New Car” as the sad-sack used car salesman. (He wears it oh! So! well.) Funny guy — really funny.

Simply put? Artfully Edmonds likes the work of Michael G. McFadden. His appeal? He’s earnest; his skill at delivering lines in rapid fire medley, keeping pace with talented stage veteran, Melanie Calderwood is worth the price of admission. Everyone was laughing as the curtain closed on opening night when The Phoenix Theatre opened this one-act series last month.

Grab your tickets for The Phoenix Theatre production at this link.

Next up on The Phoenix marquee? August’s famous parodies: “Gilligan’s Island” directed by Eric Lewis (of course!) and “I Love Lucy” complete with 1950s authentic parody advertising.

– – – –

What the heck is this, and how do we rid ourselves of it? (There's only one way!)
What the heck is this, and how do we rid ourselves of it? (There’s only one way!)

Driftwood Players
950 Main St.

Everyone who is a friend of the Driftwood Players’ Wade James Theatre received an appeal Tuesday via Power2Give on behalf of the theatre.

“Carpet! Carpet! Carpet,” was the cry and the photo above is an indication of just how badly the Wade James Theatre is in need of new carpeting.

The theatre’s accountants have penciled the cost at just under $7,000 and with administrative fees for managing the Power2Give fund, $7,500 would give this gem of a theatre a touch of well-deserved sophistication before the 2016-17 season opening.

Please join your neighbors in whatever donation you can make to the fund – from $5 to $500 (or more!). This really needs to happen and with all of us pooling together we can, with pride, celebrate one more solved maintenance problem for this building that is so much a part of Edmonds’ history.

Click! Click! to the campaign website.

~ ~ ~ ~

Every year since its inception the Concerts in the Park has grown in popularity.
Every year since its inception the Concerts in the Park has grown in popularity.

Last Call

Summer 2016 will come to a close as the last notes in the Concerts in the Park program are played this week. For information about the music, background on the musicians, and liner notes go to this My Edmonds News link.

~ ~ ~ ~

In the "don't go far and come-back-soon" department, Artfully Edmonds recommends "A Taste of Music" in Snohomish.
In the “don’t go far and come-back-soon” department, Artfully Edmonds recommends “A Taste of Music” in Snohomish.

Music Beyond the Pale
Aug. 19-21

Taste of Music

105 Cedar Ave., Snohomish


– – –

Since Edmonds’ slate of open park-like community music ends on Thursday, Aug. 18; you might be looking for something to fill the void on, say, Friday, August 19. Let Artfully Edmonds recommend “Taste of Music” in Snohomish if you’re looking for a summer spin.

But come back to enjoy Edmonds’ stages, restaurants and galleries featured in next week’s column.

— By Emily Hill

12 Emily-2015

Emily Hill is the author of two novels and a short story collection. Emily is retired from a career in public information and news media relations. If you would like your event listed, or featured, in Artfully Edmonds, Emily invites you to contact her at


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