Fifth suspect captured Monday found in laundry room of Edmonds residence

One of the five suspects being taken into custody by Lynnwood Police. (Photo courtesy Lynnwood Police)
One of the five suspects being taken into custody by Lynnwood Police. (Photo courtesy Lynnwood Police)

Before five suspects piled into a gray Hyundai Elantra in Lynnwood on Monday afternoon and abandoned the vehicle at Westgate Chapel in Edmonds, they were suspected of being involved in a shoplifting incident near Alderwood Mall.

According to charging documents for one of the suspects, an 18-year-old Seattle woman, three female suspects went into Kohl’s Department Store on Alderwood Mall Parkway and stole “large amounts” of Sonicare electric toothbrushes, razors and possibly a bottle of perfume. While officers were on their way to Kohl’s, the three suspects left Kohl’s and ran toward a T-Mobile store located at 18505 Alderwood Mall Parkway. There, they jumped into the Hyundai, which was stolen out of Seattle. A driver and passenger, both males, were in that vehicle already.

Twenty items were stolen, worth $2,273.79, which is enough for a felony organized retail theft charge.

Once everyone was back in the Hyundai, it sped off, driving recklessly, and caused at least two crashes in Lynnwood before the car was abandoned in the Westgate Chapel parking lot.

Two of the suspects, both women under the age of 18 who had stolen items from Kohl’s, were located in the 9400 block of 231st Street Southwest, charging documents say. They were arrested for theft at that time and were transported to Denny Youth Center and booked for organized retail theft.

Two of the other suspects were captured in an Edmonds neighborhood. The last suspect, the driver, was located inside the laundry room of an Edmonds residence he had unlawfully entered. He is being charged with burglary for entering the home, among other charges, Lynnwood Police Commander Wes Deppa said.

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