From the Publisher’s Desk: I have no words…

TeresaOn Saturday, the mail brought the usual assortment of credit card offers, a postcard notifying me of an upcoming retirement seminar (as if!) and a single envelope addressed to My Edmonds News. Since I’ve started our subscription drive, it’s always an adventure to open the mail. And it’s not just because readers are sending money to support our work. It’s the heartfelt notes of encouragement and appreciation that keep me going when it’s midnight and I still have another story to write, or photos to edit, or emails to answer.

What Saturday’s mail brought was this:


Dear Teresa and Staff:

Thank you for all your hard work for our community. Your work is so appreciated. I realize how incredibly committed you are when I hear that 4 AM ‘ping’ signaling delivery of MEN, so a dollar for every Day.


I can’t put into words how much the sentiment — and the donation —  mean to all of us.

I also wanted to update you on my goal, stated two weeks ago, to increase our subscriber base to 1,000. I’m pleased to report that we have gained 50 new subscribers since my latest request — in amounts ranging from $25 one-time donations to $20 per month annual subscriptions to this $365 check in the mail. That brings us to 350 subscribers total, so we are making good progress.

And, I also wanted to offer yet another incentive for those who subscribe. As I mentioned earlier, $10 a month with an annual subscription (and you can pay online or mail us payments over time, as many do) gets you our European car sticker:

Car sticker

But for a limited time, subscribe for $20 a month (12-month subscription), and we’ll send you this My Edmonds News coffee mug, perfect for enjoying that hot drink while browsing your morning newsletter:


We’ll be rolling out more member benefits in the next month, so stay tuned.

And if you haven’t yet subscribed, please do so today here.

Finally, for those who haven’t heard, here’s the link for you to bookmark when shopping via When you shop this way, we get a small commission on all sales and you pay the same amount as if you went to Amazon directly.

amazon-754From all of us, accept our heartfelt gratitude for supporting your trusted community news source.

Until next time,

Teresa Wippel, Publisher





2 Replies to “From the Publisher’s Desk: I have no words…”

  1. Great news, Teresa! It feels good every month when my “voluntary subscription” shows up on my checking account as “auto paid.” I am happy to contribute my fair share for all the valuable information you provide day after day. I hugely appreciate your hard work (and that of your staff). I know how difficult it is to depend solely on advertising to pay the bills (been there, done that as a publisher). I’d like to offer my “thank you” to all your readers who have pledged their support. In the long run, that support will provide the foundation for your business and will allow you to continue to grow as a valuable community resource.


  2. As soon as I can figure out how to make PayPal increase my subscription/donation, I will do so. My Edmonds News is a new kind of journalism which is invaluable: up-to-the-moment, real-time news, an open forum for discussion of all sorts of issues, and always upbeat, useful and informative.

    When I look at the alternative, or the weak, often a week behind print media in the small town I summer in in British Columbia, or the unresponsive large papers, I count MEN as both innovative and a huge asset to out town. When I look at the anonymous negativity in the comments section of the Seattle Times, when I see the daily beautiful Edmonds photos – I count MEN as an amazing blessing.

    Off to Europe in two weeks – but I’ll read MEN every day I have internet reception!


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