Good news: Missing for nine days, Spooky the cat returns home

We received the news Friday from the Wechsler family that their cat Spooky, missing for nine days from near 7th & Elm Street Park, has returned.

The family pet “just showed up at our back door,” Denise Wechsler said in an email Friday. “A bit thinner, but no signs of being in a fight.”

“His vet thinks that he must have been locked up in someone’s garage, home, etc… and they just got back from a trip or vacation.

“We’re thrilled to have him home,” she added.

And just a reminder that we have another cat, Chloe, who has been missing from the Westgate area for some time. If you see her, contact Melissa at 206-542-0394.

  1. A number of years ago we had a cat who “disappeared” for 2 weeks. We were frantic. Then he showed up again, stayed around for a month or so and left again for another week or so. This pattern followed for the rest of his life. We later found out he had another “home” with people a few blocks away. They had taken him in, thinking he was lost, and then he would “disappear” from their house for awhile. Our vet told us that cats often times will find several homes with people they like. We were just glad he was taken care of and was happy wherever he was. I hope Chloe will have the same luck.

  2. Dorothy,
    Thanks. Back in April, we discovered that a neighbor mistakenly thought Chloe was a stray and started feeding her. Then, Chloe stopped going over there. Now, we’re hoping wherever she is, she is being well tended to. I’m thinking I need to put fliers up between 234th and 238th and 93rd and 100th. That way, if someone in that vicinity is feeding her, they can reach out to me and let me know that’s what’s going on. However, Chloe has now missed 3 weeks worth of Hyperthyroidism medicine and we need to get her back on track.

  3. Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize she needed medication. That is an alert for anyone who has a cat that shows up. Does Chloe have a chip? That could help, so that if anyone finds a “stray” cat they might think to bring it in to have the chip read. So sorry. I do hope this story has a happy ending.

  4. Yes she has a microchip. Our hope is that wherever she is she has access to fresh/filtered water and food.

  5. August 16th update – no news is definitely not good news! We haven’t seen our sweet fur person since July 14th. Chloe is 16, is a Torbie (mix of tortoiseshell/tabby), doesn’t wear a collar but is microchipped, needs her Hyperthyroidism medication and access to food/water. She has been a family member since January 2001.
    We think she headed east across our property, crossed over the downed fence, and then headed south/southwest from there. That would put her between 234th ST SW and 236th ST SW between 94th St/Ave W and 97th St/Ave W. She could be anywhere between 232nd ST SW and 240th ST SW and Edmonds Way and 100th Ave.
    Please check your garages, under your porch/deck, sheds, shady areas of your yards, anything that might have been open long enough for a cat to slip inside, for our fur baby.
    We have put fliers up around the neighborhood as well as left door hangers on neighbors’ doorsteps.
    If you have caught a glimpse of a mystery cat, we want to hear about it. We haven’t received any tips in quite some time so we don’t know if Chloe re-homed herself or if someone mistook her for a stray and took her in. Just a reminder, if you find a cat, please put up found cat fliers. My boyfriend and I walk or drive around the neighborhood on a daily basis.
    Oh douce fourrure bébé – Ou est vous? S’il vous plaît revenir à la maison. Translation: Oh sweet fur baby, where are you? Please come home.
    Thank you for assisting us in finding our sweet fur baby.

  6. August 25th update – still no sign of our sweet fur baby. We love and miss her so much. We miss having paws walking all over us. We sincerely hope someone didn’t scoop her up and take her out of the area. Please check shady areas, under decks, and under bushes for our girl. We appreciate the help in locating her. Thank you.

  7. September 23rd update – Chloe is still missing. My boyfriend and I miss her so much. For those of you in the Westgate area (between Edmonds Way and 100th & 231st St SW and 236th St SW), please check around your house for our sweet cat. She may have slipped inside a shed, found an entrance to a crawl space, or an open door and made herself at home. She needs her medication. She is microchipped. No news is definitely not good news. So, if you have seen any predators on your street i.e. raccoons or coyotes between July 15th and now, I would like to know. I would love to hear if you heard or saw anything unusual late July 14th/early on the 15th that might have spooked our cat. We live on 232nd ST SW between 94th and 95th. Thank you for your assistance in locating our sweet cat.

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