Letter to the Editor: Rico Tessandore most qualified for judge


Like many voters, I was not aware of votingforjudges.org until I saw a letter to the editor last week. I checked out the site and learned a few things. I’ve seen Rico Tessandore’s signs but did not know until now that Ranked #1 in the Snohomish County Bar Poll means that the legal community of judges and attorneys voted for him as the most qualified and best fit for judge. Mr. Tessandore was Ranked #1 by a landslide over his opponent.

The same site also had other ratings and Mr. Tessandore received “Exceptionally Well-Qualified” from multiple minority Bar Associations. It’s clear Mr. Tessandore has earned the respect of lawyers who appear in front of him when he serves as Judge Pro Tem. Mr. Tessandore’s endorsements from lawyers and judges is very impressive, since it is the local attorneys and judges who really know what makes a good and fair judge.

What is concerning to me is that Mr. Tessandore’s opponent is not ranked at all: probably because she is currently under investigation for campaign finance law violations, which I also learned from votingforjudges.org.

My vote will be cast for Rico Tessandore.

Kurt Sarchet
Mountlake Terrace

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