Swedish Edmonds’ new Ambulatory Care Center wins senior-friendly facility award

The entrance to the ambulatory care center.
The entrance to the ambulatory care center.

Designers of the Swedish Edmonds Ambulatory Care Center looked to the history of its city, as well as to the newest elements of architecture and modern design to create a place so inviting it won Modern Healthcare’s award for the most senior-friendly facility.

That’s according to an article in the Modern Healthcare’s September issue, which noted that the project’s senior associate, Brian Uyesugi, from Seattle architecture firm NBBJ, has lived in Edmonds for a decade.

“The Edmonds community was founded through the logging industry,” Uyesugi told Modern Healthcare. “It was an old shingle mill town. As it grew, it became a family town with multiple generations.”

At the clinic, “Some of the landscape features you see are sort of reminiscent of that shingle mill culture,” Uyesugi said in the article. “We used existing trees that were moved as pieces of art in the landscape. We milled down these existing trees into slabs of cedar that are stacked in the landscape.”

Boom logs and historic photos of the region are prominently displayed in the lobby as part of the local décor.

The entrance and public concourse also accommodate an emergency department, with its Level IV trauma center, as well as centers for diagnostic imaging, urgent care and 29 exam rooms, all serving as the new front end of the existing 217-bed acute-care hospital.

You can read more in the Modern Healthcare article here.


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  1. Well, that’s all good as they say, but we need to look @ some issues. First, it the exterior lighting shining into our rooms. Yes, the light is so bright coming from the ambulatory care center, that it can’t be hidden. And this goes for homes and apartments next to the facility. Then is the continual horn beeping that is usually stopped after someone in the area calls and asks for a response. And then there is the trash built-up along the streets from folks “dropping off” stuff along the way.

    While the facility may look nice, there are just some things about it that make it a constant nuisance apart from the decor and ‘historic attention’ paid to the facility.


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