STEM Program tour for 8th graders Oct. 20


screenshot-773The Mountlake Terrace High School STEM program invites 8th grade students in the Edmonds School District and their parents to learn about the MTHS Magnet STEM Program during an information night on Thursday, Oct. 20.

The event runs from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the MTHS Theater. Eighth graders from any Edmonds School District school may attend.

The night’s events include an overview of the program and a tour of the labs so parents and students can see the opportunities available. Activities will be available for both parents and students.

Parents will have an opportunity to begin registering their 8th grade students into Fall 2017 high school programs soon, with a deadline of Nov. 29. This event is timed so students and parents can see the STEM program before deciding whether to enroll or not.

Those planning to attend are encouraged to “sign-in” early online by clicking here. There will be a sign-in opportunity at the door, but early sign-in will save time.

2 Replies to “STEM Program tour for 8th graders Oct. 20”

  1. i’ve heard some areas have changed to “steam” – adding “the” arts to the curriculum

    however – these are all tools

    what about learning and practicing how to just improve relations, how to communicate in a manner that improves relationships?

    what about learning how homo sapiens are related to the rest of life on this planet? and the elements, and about our bodies – both sexes . . .

    i never hear anything about what really matters . . . only about those tools, out of context


  2. Good point. The tools of STEM DO get a lot if of the attention, whether or not you consider art to be one of them. I happen to be one of the instructors at the Edmonds School District STEM Program, and I am proud to say that I challenge my students to improve their skills group communication, team management, and public speaking at several points along my curriculum. Technical writing is strongly enforced and several other classes as well. You should come down to the event and meet our students and see what they can do, they will be running most of the event.


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