Update: Generous Halloween family found

Remember our story from Monday night about the family that stepped aside so that two little girls could have the last two pieces of Halloween candy at an Edmonds residence on Main Street? We spoke with Jack Loos, who had offered to buy ice cream for the family in question, and they have been identified as the Myers family, who happen to be nearby neighbors of Loos.

For those who missed the story, Loos was down to his last two pieces of Halloween candy Monday night when the doorbell rang. There stood a large group of children, accompanied by their parents. Loos, who usually doesn’t get many trick-or-treaters at his Main Street residence, apologized and explained his predicament to the trick-or-treaters.

Family members then began discussing how to fairly distribute the candy. As the family talked, Loos said, two little girls then approached the Loos residence for their treats. Without hesitation, the father accompanying the larger group told Loos to give the two remaining candies to the just-arrived girls.

A story in My Edmonds News Halloween night noted that Loos would like to buy the family ice cream — if they could be identified — and also provided an email address to contact him.

According to Loos, Laura Myers emailed him to say it was her husband Nick who had been accompanying their own children plus friends that night, and made the decision about the candy distribution.

The Myers family declined the offer of ice cream, Loos said, noting that they already have many treats around the house due to Halloween. But Laura Myers assured him that she would be sharing the story with her children.


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