Downtown IGA store to become grocery, Ace Hardware this spring

Barely four years after taking over the former Petosa’s grocery in downtown Edmonds and opening it as an IGA, the store is changing hands again.

Partners Mike Trask and Reid Huntington said they are pulling out of the location due to a combination of health issues, retirements and the changing local business climate. The duo will now focus their energies on their Granite Falls location.

The good news for residents is that the space will be taken over by the Myers Group, a retail management company based in Clinton, Washington, who are planning a combined grocery and Ace Hardware store all under one roof.

Beginning in 1978 with Casey’s, a single grocery store on Whidbey Island, the Myers Group has grown into operating a diverse array of businesses, ranging from grocery to hardware to fuel, and have won national and international recognition along the way. The company currently operates 18 groceries, hardware stores, service stations and restaurants in Washington and Alaska. The company prides itself on being community-based, striving to make each store a vital part of the community it serves.

So what will this mean for Edmonds?

According to the owner of the building, Bill Wilson of Edmonds-based Wilson Investments, this is a positive change for Edmonds. “While a downtown full-service grocery will be missed, the new owners are planning a combined Ace Hardware with a downsized, more efficient grocery operation offering all the essentials,” he said. “The grocery side will offer a range of pre-packaged meats, dairy items and produce, as well as a solid selection of shelf-stable groceries from canned goods to pasta. The hardware section will stock a full range of items and will even include an outdoor garden center.”

Wilson, the Myers Group and the current IGA owners are working together to make the transition a smooth one for Edmonds.

“Edmonds residents will be pleased that IGA owner Mike Trask is committed to remaining open to serve his customers during the transition,” Wilson added. “So, unlike last time this space changed hands, customers should be able to meet all their grocery needs during the change-over without traveling outside the Edmonds bowl. The auto license agency will stay, and in addition, the new owners have assured current employees that their jobs are safe.”

Current IGA employees also seem pretty happy about the deal.

“It really helps to know our jobs are safe,” said IGA employee and Edmonds resident Roseanne Stackhouse. “I think I speak for my fellow employees when I say that I’m excited about the new store and the extra choices it will bring to Edmonds. We’re already the best little walking town in the U.S., and this will give us one more interesting place to add to a downtown stroll. And you know, my second favorite place is a hardware store.”

What’s the first? “Why a grocery, of course,” she added with a laugh.

The transition is already underway, and customers will be able to observe the progress over the next several weeks as sections of the store are remodeled and stocked with new items. Look for this to be complete around mid-April, followed by a grand opening.

–Story and photos by Larry Vogel


  1. This is good news with a combination store which will serve the residents of Edmonds.
    I am happy all the employes will have jobs.

  2. I’ve always thought that would make the perfect location for an organic/natural grocery store with a hot food section. Similar to Island Naturals in Hawaii, or just the grocery part like the Bear Foods Market in Lake Chelan. I hope the new owners will consider that – I never shopped at Petosa’s nor IGA because they were too similar to QFC/Safeway/Albertson’s. With the shift toward natural and organic foods, it would be great to have a store that concentrates on that in downtown Edmonds!

  3. One of my sources says the “new” store will not include a deli. I am going to miss the fried chicken and my son will miss the buffalo wings.

    1. Yes, Bill. We too will miss the deli. And now we will have two hardware stores within a few blocks? That really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  4. I absolutely love this! IGA has always been great but now having ACE Hardware makes me so happy! I love being able to support local stores vs the big box stores. Go Edmonds!!!!

  5. What about Edmonds Hardware? All this good new isn’t good news for them. They’ve been good neighbors. I hope they’re not negatively impacted buy this.

    1. Malay, I agree, it’s hard to imagine that Edmonds Hardware would not be negatively impacted by this, they are indeed, “good neighbors”.

  6. I’m sad to hear this, as we love Edmonds Hardware and hearing of big box corporation, like Ace doesn’t support the small-town values Edmonds draws.

    And seriously, grocery shopping while picking up a mouse trap? Folks can do that at Walmart. I agree, a natural/organic store or even a kid-friendly play space would be a better use.

    Will the DMV still be there?

  7. My visits to IGA nearly always included a stop at their Deli. Not sure I’ll be making as many stops after the transition.

  8. We love our Edmonds town and the need for higher quality groceries has been evident for a long time. Every time we visit Big John’s market in Healdsburg CA, we lament how wonderful it would be to have this inside the IGA. Beautiful foods, prepared and otherwise for quick dinners, picnics, etc. I have no doubt that Edmonds residents would travel further for a store such as that. I hope the new store is a bit more upsclae in presentation and quality than we currently have. There are hundreds of residents that depend on our IGA!

  9. The Edmonds business climate has indeed changed, and a likely contributor is Winco. To an extent another contributor may be the Lynnwood Walmart Market as well. Both of these “stock up” stores were not around when IGA opened.

    We liked the IGA deli, but never really shopped there too much. More or less used it as a convenience store. Easy in/out, nice staff and always plenty of parking. Sounds like the grocery part of the new ACE Hardware will also be more of a convenience store too.

    I’ll definitely miss the friendly staff. You always ran into someone you knew too. Either from school, the community or simply another IGA shopper. The store was great about allowing community organizations like the Girl Scouts and various food drive charities to solicit customers entering the store. Hope the new owners will allow the same.

    Best wishes to the staff who will not be staying on.

    1. Talking with staff at IGA, a majority of customers (including myself) used it as a convenience mart and not as a “stockup” grocery store, which made it difficult to stay in business in its present form.

      As far as a new hardware store competing with an existing one, that is the nature of our free market system. No business is guaranteed a monopoly merely because it was the first in town.

  10. While this change may not be good for the True Value store, it should be good for us residents to have a bit of competition. So long as we can support both & not run up the hill to HD, that is.

    I hope the new owners will keep the greatest cupcake baker “Frosted” on site. Don’t forget about the great cookies baked there as well. The DOL is nice & convenient to have too.

    ahh, the times, they are a changin’.

  11. I highly recommend that Mr. Myers survey the residents of Edmonds before stocking shelves for the following reasons as echoed above:
    1. We already have a hardware store that needs more customers not fewer. If there are two – one or both will not make it.

    2. It sounds as though the “grocery” part will be more like a 7/11 – not cool. Folks are moving more and more to healthy deli choices, not “no deli choices.”

    3. The store is not big enough now for just groceries – I think it is one reason many folks just drive up the hill where they could purchase everything they needed rather than have to go to two stores.

    Ask us – your potential customers, what is needed, what we would like to see offered there – I would be very surprised if anyone would tell you that a smaller food store plus another hardware store is what we want or need.

    Here is the Myers group link to send your comments:

    Thank you My Edmonds News for the great reporting and keeping us informed!

  12. This seems like a waste of a great location. We have True Value and an ACE Hardware close by in Lake Forest Park.
    I would love to have seen a more streamlined grocery store go in with a more robust deli/ready to cook meal selection beyond just fried chicken or our options at PCC.
    A scaled down hardware store in direct competition to one already struggling with visibility and what sounds like a glorified corner mart won’t draw more people into the downtown core.

  13. I will really miss having IGA in downtown Edmonds…..they were always my “go to store” for whatever i forgot to buy at QFC or PCC. Speaking of PCC, they have an amazing deli with wonderful organic and healthy food options as well as produce from many local farmers — plus they are not a “big box store.”

  14. Also concerned about the Deli which every time I’m in (every other day!!!) is doing a brisk business. My life has been so much easier with the pre-made dinner deals. Everything I need in one trip & one container- no stress. I also buy meats & veges there and hope I can continue to do that. I love our Edmonds IGA and the folks that work there. I’m happy their jobs are secure.

  15. The deli is one of the biggest draws to that store currently. If I were the owners of this location, I would take out a whole row of shelving and add lots of seating, several tables, for people to be able to sit and enjoy their meal from the deli.

  16. Of course nothing is perfect but the change is mostly good. With competition from Costco, Winco and the larger stores not to mention Amazon they have to change to compete.
    My suggestion would be to locate the license area to the back so those waiting for a license will have to walk by the merchandise. In the meantime I will continue to support the store and watch the progress.

  17. I will miss the deli. That is where we get sandwiches made before our walk on “Friday night ferry ride” dinner in the warmer weather

  18. To the new owners: PLEASE, PLEASE consider including a Deli. Petosa’s and IGA’s are always busy. I use it at least 3 times a week and many local business people do daily. I love Ace Hardware, but a small one would duplicate our great, if small, Edmonds Hardware.

  19. I use the IGA regularly and often. If short on milk or needing a bottle of wine, or just wanting to get some fruit or vegetables, I have always gone to the IGA rather than the big, impersonal stores up the hill; they fill a different function. I am temporarily disabled, and the great parking and the ready-made dinners have been a huge help, as have the friendly folks who work there, who know me and say hello – unlike the big stores. A weekly deluxe sandwich, chips and fruit or vegetable drink has been a treat for years, usually taken down to Sunset Avenue where I ate and enjoyed the scene. The IGA was a great service to Edmonds, and will be greatly missed. And I fear for the Edmonds Hardware, where service has always been outstanding and friendly.

    It is a very great pity that Edmonds does not do more to support its wonderful local businesses. “Buy local” needs to be everyone’s thought, or we will lose more and more to the chain stores and box stores that increasingly surround us.

  20. In regards to the Auto License Agency, I’d like to draw your attention to this paragraph, “Edmonds residents will be pleased that IGA owner Mike Trask is committed to remaining open to serve his customers during the transition,” Wilson added. “So, unlike last time this space changed hands, customers should be able to meet all their grocery needs during the change-over without traveling outside the Edmonds bowl. The auto license agency will stay, and in addition, the new owners have assured current employees that their jobs are safe.”

    What I’ll miss are the deals that were available on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays – especially the one for the rotisserie chicken.

  21. A deli makes sense. For quick lunches, dinners and in the summer picnic food to take to city park. Many local employees get deli food for lunch everyday. Another hardware store ? Hope the present employees do get jobs. We shop there every week. Another change.

  22. One only needs so much hardware…one always needs food! I won’t miss the deli..I thought the offerings were sub-par after Petosa’s left. I will miss being able to walk to pickup a couple bag of groceries ( good-priced quality meats with a very accommodating butcher, organic milk and senior discounts, excellent cashiers). What was frustrating about shopping there was a short, low supply of inventory, especially on sale items.

  23. So what will this mean for Edmonds? Whoever approved another hardware store within a quarter mile radius in downtown Edmonds needs to rethink their decision. Most likely, Edmonds Hardware will suffer from this and it’s not fair. They are the original hardware store and I hope the customers will go there instead of this corporate chain store.

  24. I, too, am concerned about having a second hardware store in such close proximity to Edmonds Hardware. I’m stunned the City would approve a permit for this, as it will only lead to more instability and eventual closure for one of them. Very poor long term planning.

    1. Agreed. I would suggest the new store only carry garden supplies such as plants-they way in which Top Foods did in Edmonds. That way they can diversify enough to allow them both to remain open.

    2. I summer in Princeton, BC, population about 5,000. There are two hardware stores: one specializes in building supplies, the other in day-to-day hardware. They are good at sending business to each other when they don’t carry this or that. It’s an informal arrangement, but it has worked well, and both stores thrive. Perhaps this might point out a direction in Edmonds? I fear that if they get too competitive neither will prosper, and Edmonds will suffer.

      BUY LOCAL!

  25. The Ace Stores are NOT big box stores, they are all individually owned. Just like the True Value down the street. The new owner is all about the community, I can’t wait for it to open.

    1. And how do you know the new owner?

      It doesn’t matter size, Joe-what bugs me is the intent. We already have a hardware store and he is encroaching on another person’s livelihood. A bad neighbor in my opinion.

    2. You won’t be seeing the owner of this store ever. He has never been involved in the day-to-day operation of any of his stores. He worked at one while in high school–when his dad owned it. He is doing an incredible favor for the current owners by taking the store over, I will say that much for him.

  26. So, if there is a business in town & someone else wants to open a business that will be a competitor, they should not pursue the dreams of very many Americans? Good thing we don’t all think that way. There would only be one restaurant, bar, hairdresser, spa, shrink… (put in your own here). Competition is GOOD! It helps avoid monopolies, higher prices, gives us more variety etc. I do not understand the thought expressed in many of the above comments that we should only have 1 hardware store.

    1. I think the fear is that we may wind up with NO hardware store. While I certainly agree that we cannot ban competition, the struggle that both the IGA and the former hardware stores (I date back to Crowe Hardware days!) have faced, makes me wonder if two can exist in a small town where we seem to show so little support for local businesses. “Buy Local” needs to be our motto if we want the Edmonds business community to thrive. I have seen so many businesses fail or leave…

    2. When I was a sales rep I made sure I didn’t saturate the market with my products, for example I didn’t have two Fenton dealers in one small town. It’s a win-win for everyone. The Myers Group has 14 retail locations and soon to be 15. Give the people what they want and what’s good for the community.

  27. Have the daily specials gone away? I didn’t receive an email on Monday or today letting me what the special is.

  28. This must be why I stopped getting the Daily Deals from Edmonds IGA ! I will miss the deli and the wonderful produce department.

  29. I thought a subsequent article said that the deli was staying? Hopefully that means that the daily deal emails will return to our in boxes.

  30. Of course you realize there was an IGA there back in the late 60’s early 70’s and it has a pharmacy in it.

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