Edmonds resident David Fairbanks honored by King County Metro Police

David Fairbanks, right, displays his award received from Dave Jutilla, Chief Metro Transit Police. (Photo by Mona Smiley-Fairbanks)

Edmonds resident David Fairbanks was recently honored by the King County Sheriff’s Metro Transit Police as Professional Staff Employee of the Year 2016. Fairbanks has worked for Metro for 36 years, at first as a driver and currently as the Operations Security Liaison.

Fairbanks’ current job is to help insure public and bus employee safety by working with law enforcement agencies in King County. “If a bus driver calls in information about a crime on a bus,” said Fairbanks, “we respond along with local police and help with any investigation. Folks who break the law or routinely cause problems are given ‘trespass’ status and can lose riding privileges.”

Fairbanks was pleased to receive the award. “It is an honor to work with the men and women of the King County Sheriff’s office, and all the local agencies within our service area as well as to serve the transit operators who day in and day out provide such a vital service to the community at large.”

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