Reminder: Get your team together for Thursday’s family-friendly Tiki Trivia


What do you have to look forward to during this week’s Taki Tiki Trivia on Thursday, Feb. 16? For starters, prizes for folks at last week’s trivia event included tickets for the Edmonds Comedy Night Feb. 17 and 18 at the Edmonds Center for the Arts, gift cards for Bar Dojo, Taki Tiki and Dick’s Drive-In, discounts for the gift shop at the Edmonds Historical Museum, tickets to the Cascadia Art Museum — and the winning team name received swag from My Edmonds News.

In addition to great prizes, it’s free and family friendly. In fact, the winning team name — awarded for creativity and cleverness — turned out to be two elementary school-age youngsters.

Trivia players also receive the added benefit of happy hour food prices throughout the weekly competition which starts promptly each Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at 518 Main St. Taki Tiki also has desserts….an added bonus for Edmonds trivia players.

Up to eight players per team is allowed, and it’s fun to join a small team and make new friends. There are 40 questions ranging from current events, to history, to science, to the arts, with the first question always being a review question from the previous week.

Emcee Eric Dubbury keeps the questions moving and papers are traded and graded after each set of 10. Trivia players report enjoying new found knowledge to discuss at work and school the next day. For example, can you name the most popular board game of all time? You have to rely on your team’s brains….no electronic devices allowed.

It’s chess.

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