Spotlight on EdCC: Update on international student program

David Cordell is the vice president of international education at Edmonds Community College.

Edmonds Community College this winter quarter is hosting 1,363 international students, and approximately 900 immigrants who take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. David Cordell is vice president of international education at the college, and sent along this update:

“I provide overall direction to the college’s international education efforts, which include enrollment of international students, providing English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to both international and immigrant students, student services for both international and immigrant students, study abroad, faculty exchange, and international institutional partnerships. Our program brings an international dimension to the community and is a resource for non-native English language learners.

“Our staff travels internationally to meet with prospective students and discuss any concerns regarding coming to the United States.  Presently there are no changes in student visa regulations, however if students and parents perceive that the U.S. may make changes that will hinder travel, then they may decide to choose another English speaking country for study.

“We have students from 35 countries with the top five countries being China, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan.

Young Yemenis seeking help pose for their GoFundMe photo.

“KING 5 recently did a special program on 24 students from Yemen who are stranded in the U.S. since civil war broke out in their country. Half of those students attend EdCC, and their futures are uncertain. Having a ‘friendship family’ helps them feel connected to their host country while their visas and plans get sorted out.

“If people would like to help, they can become a host family or friendship family to an international student by contacting Luke Botzheim, Director of Housing at EdCC. There is a fund set up to help the Yemen students, with a link here. And if folks want to help EdCC Foundation’s mission to support access, success, and excellence for students, faculty and staff at EdCC, the link to donate is here. “

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  1. The fact that Muslim refugees want to live in the west and not one of 40 Muslim Countries shows what a profound failure Islam is.


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