Business tax time? State Revenue Department offers industry-specific guides


Learn how state taxes apply your specific business by using industry specific tax guides created by the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Thousands of users access these guides monthly, the department said. The most frequently used guides cover tax issues for out-of-state businesses, the construction industry and nonprofits. All 49 guides are on the department website.

The guides, which were honored by Tax Jar with a 2017 State Taxy award for “Best Industry Specific Sales Tax Guides, consolidate general tax information that applies to certain types of businesses operating in the state or selling to Washington consumers.

For instance, beekeepers may be eligible for a sales tax exemption on their honey bee purchases. Interior designers can learn when a transaction is retail or wholesale – and the tax reporting difference. Grape farmers will find out they do not need a tax registration account if they only make wholesale sales.

The department advises businesses to contact the department with specific questions not covered by the guides and sign up for emails that share changes to tax policy.

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