Here’s the story behind that house passing through Edmonds Tuesday


    We’ve learned the story behind the house that captured the attention of Edmonds photographers earlier this week.

    According to Stephanie Wiegand, community engagement director for The Whidbey Camano Land Trust, the house was on the shoreline of a 37-acre property at Barnum Point on Camano Island. “Thanks to donations from more than 600 people and salmon grant funding, The Whidbey Camano Land Trust was able to purchase the property last October,” Weigand said. “We will be adding the property to Island County’s Barnum Point County Park, along with five other properties we are working to protect.”

    The ultimate goal for the project, Weigand added, will be to create a 129-acre county park with a mile of walkable beach and 2.5 miles of forest and meadow trails.

    You can learn more in this PDF document here.

    As for the house, it was moved by Nickel Brothers, which specializes this type of work. It’s temporary destination was a dry-dock in Seattle, where it will remain until it is sold.


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