After five decades, Wight’s Home & Garden to close this June

    Wight’s Home & Garden is located at 5026 196th Street Southwest in Lynnwood. (All photos by David Carlos)

    Wight’s Home & Garden, located at 5026 196th Street Southwest, officially announced Wednesday that it is closing after decades of being a family-owned business and a Lynnwood landmark.

    The garden center at Wight’s.

    The building was purchased by Snohomish County Senior Services, a non-profit organization based in Everett which provides transportation, health, social and nutrition services to Snohomish County’s senior residents.

    “It’s only fitting that the new future of Wight’s involves helping people and serving the community,” Wight’s Home & Garden wrote in its official announcement posted on its website.

    Wight’s is expected to close sometime this June.

    Wight’s first opened in 1963. It was purchased by the current owner’s parents in 1983, when it was primarily a garden center and nursery. While those products have remained a staple of Wight’s business, it has also become well known for its holiday goods and decorations, especially during Christmastime.

    The company has also been an active contributor to local charities.

    Inside Wight’s Home & Garden.

    “The legacy of Wight’s Home & Garden is more than that of a destination for a highly effective dose of retail therapy,” the announcement states, going on to list events hosted for breast cancer awareness and an annual Christmas Charity Gala benefitting Seattle Children’s Hospital.

    The owners say they are now looking forward to retiring.

    “This decision, while appropriate for the family at this time, is still bittersweet,” the announcement says. “From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you. Thank you for over three decades of letting us into your homes and gardens.”

    Home merchandise available at Wight’s.

    The 3.14 acre property is currently valued at $4.18 million, according to the Snohomish County Assessor. A sale price is not yet listed.

    –By Natalie Covate, with reporting and photos by David Carlos

    Wight’s Home & Garden is located at 5026 196th Street Southwest in Lynnwood.

    22 Replies to “After five decades, Wight’s Home & Garden to close this June”

    1. This is so sad! We will miss our tradition of the Christmas tree display and the fun spring selections.


    2. Expect more closures. This is not a small business friendly state. The state legislature has yet to connect the dots and see that they are the cause of business failures in this state by overtaxing and overregulating. There’s a small business bill of rights proposal before lawmakers as we speak. I hope to hell it passes.


      1. Could it be the shopping on-line… Amazon… et al causing the closure of retail stores?! Yup!!
        I will miss annual treks to Wights at Christmas time!


    3. Sorry to hear about Wight’s closure. Service oriented Mom & Pop owned businesses are getting scarce and the big box stores with out of state ownership benefit. Instead of taxing and regulating a business to its death, maybe tax concessions for locally owned business make more sense. That is a concept not understood by Olympia.
      When the real estate is more valuable than a going concern there is something wrong with this picture.


    4. I love Wight’s. Such a fun place to go at Christmas time, but any time of the year actually! Too many familiar places are shutting down. Makes me so sad.


    5. I’m so sad! I always got my Christmas exchange gifts from them and spring plants, berries in their parking lot. My grand daughter loved to get there big Xmas cookies when she was younger!

      Good luck to all!


    6. Oh my! I had heard this a couple of months ago and hoped it was a rumor. I love Wight shopping and have bought so many cool things. This is truly sad. Any holiday is an experience as Wight’s and just sad to see them go. Of course, I know the owners need some retirement time as they have been so busy for so long and have been so helpful to the community.


    7. Goodbye to one of the best businesses around. You will be missed. No one does Christmas like you do. I went twice this year. Once with a dear friend and once with my daughter. It was magical…..both times.

      Have a wonderful retirement, whatever you choose to,do,or not do.

      Thank you for being such an outstanding presence in Lynwood and all surrounding areas.


    8. Ditto Sandra…it was magical every time I stepped through those doors. It will certainly be missed – especially at Christmas!


    9. I just heard this news from a friend, when we met up at the Bayview Farmer’s Market last Saturday. I thought that surely she must be mistaken. How could wonderful Wight’s be closing?!? I am very sorry to learn that it is true. I have enjoyed it since I first lived in that area in the late 1970s. More recently, I would often plan my trips “to the mainland” (from Whidbey) to include a leisurely wander through Wight’s.
      Wishing you all the best in future endeavors.


    10. Yes, it’s sad they’re closing. I drove by there the other day, I believe everything is now at least 70% off.


    11. We too will miss Wight’s. Our lovely angel birdbath will be our remembrance along with a vast array of Christmas lights and other special holiday items. Such a fun place to go and poke around. Always lifted my spirits. Best wishes to the owners who are retiring.


    12. My husband and I drove by today and saw that they were having a sale but when I saw how empty it looked, my heart sank. His first reaction was “What are we going to do at Christmas now?” We have been coming to Wights since before we moved to Snohomish County in 2000, having heard about Wights Wonderland of Christmas on the radio. The drive from Kirkland was well worth it. We have purchased so many things from Weights over the years including garden furniture, plants and Christmas items. It will be deeply missed but we are sending best wishes to the owners in their retirement.


    13. I just can’t believe it. We traveled from Port Angeles several times a year just to visit Wights! I am SO glad that I read this news bit and still have time to come one more time before they close! This type of business is fast disappearing with big lot stores but those stores just don’t even come close to the magical experience of Wights! Oh! I don’t know what to day!! So sad to lose this opportunity.


    14. I just saw ad thanking everyone in Seattle times and quite shocked. I don’t live very far away, always made it for a Christmas walk-thru. My dad taught all four of Jimbo Anderson’s kids at Seavieaw Elementary back in the day.

      D. Driskill



    15. Yes I ((echo)) all the thoughts of the memories shared….being from the other side of the cascade mountains we used to make it a tradition to stop in and look at all the pretty and very magical Christmas displays. We would always buy a keepsake ornament and look forward to “next year” to do it all over again! What happy memories indeed! Wights will be deeply missed for us!!!
      Thanks for the wonderful and very spectacular memories Wights! God bless you in your retirement and what adventures ahead for your family. You will always make us smile each year when our Wight ornaments are placed upon our Christmas tree each year!❤️


    16. It’s October now. No more pumpkins, scarecrows, corn candy ornaments for Halloween. I have given my daughter a special Christmas ornament, most of them bought at Wights, every year since her first Christmas. What now? I am not thrilled with change and especially sad changes. Wights closing is one of those. Best wishes to the owners. Know that you are truly missed. You will see me driving around the greater Seattle area looking for goodies and that one special ornament. Relax and enjoy the days ahead and thank you for many years of delightful surprises. Miss you so much!


    17. I am late in hearing this sad news….Wight’s was a Christmas tradition for me and my family. I remember walking into the store and seeing displays that were so uniquely beautiful they actually brought tears to my eyes! It was a reverential experience at times….And our Christmas tree always had treasured gifts under it from this store. The warm atmosphere of cookies and coffee…such inspiration and loveliness was an escape from the world for a little while, and in that, alone, the store was doing a community service. I am deeply saddened by it’s closure. Couldn’t the senior services found another site on which to base their operation? It’s a worthy cause, for sure, but so was Wight’s.


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