Scene in Edmonds: Marvel-ous new development coming

The Mar-Vel Marble building as it currently stands at 202 Main St.

Plans to transform the Mar-Vel Marble corner on Edmonds’ Main Street and Second Avenue are posted on site. The posted permit application states the “design is for a new two story building over a one level underground garage. The ground floor will include an art institute with space for artists to create art and a gallery for their art to be displayed. There will also be a café with indoor and outdoor seating. The second level will include more artist spaces and three 2 bedroom apartments.”

For more information, see the posted sign or visit City of Edmonds Development Services Department. 

Plans for the new complex are posted on the current Mar-Vel building.


10 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: Marvel-ous new development coming”

  1. Sad to see the last bastion of production and manufacturing leaving Edmonds and trading it in for more condos.


    1. It wasn’t a very successful site, and probably had no future in any kind of industrial production in a mostly urban, retail situation.

      Before it was marble, the same building was West Coast Metals; my father worked there when we moved to Edmonds in 1961. By this decade, it had become a pretty depressing, run-down building, but back then we had a lumber yard, Crow Hardware, West Coast Metals… Change is inevitable – we just need to do all we can to steer it in a direction we truly want.


      1. Nathaniel Brown April 19, 2017 at 5:03 pm

        Mr Brown, Here are some of your comments about the Westgate development.

        ” But the heart of Edmonds is the older buildings or the re-developed older buildings, not to mention our seaside tradition. How about something that reflects our “village” tradition and respects our history? I’m not an architect, so I cannot say exactly what, but so many developments feel heartless, look transient and have no soul or beauty. Nothing I see in the proposed development says “Edmonds” to me – and let’s remember that the area in question might be regarded as the “gateway to Edmonds,” and should make people feel that there is something special and identifiable here – not just more same.”

        Do you feel the same way about the Marvel site redevelopment?


    2. Graphite is not condos. It is a space for art to be created and displayed. It is a space for learning. It is a space for teaching. It is a building that will enhance the appearance of Main Street and replace a crumbling structure that no longer does. We are fortunate to be the recipients of a nonprofit organization that will benefit the community.


  2. Edmonds certainly has its share of curmudgeonly grumblers…two new buildings that will vastly improve current sites, and and people just complain. Marvel hasn’t been manufacturing anything in this building for years, it is only used for office, show room, storage and a garage for vans. I also don’t want to live in a small manufacturing center, and I don’t think that is what people find attractive about Edmonds (there’s room in Maltby, Paine Field or Sodo for those who want to live amidst light industry). A large portion of the facade and siding has fallen. For visiting boaters and beach visitors, it is the first thing they see as they walk up Main Street to the business district. This, like the old post office, or the shacks that were at Westgate where isn’t architecture worth saving. Thank you Bartels, Echelbargers, and “Marvels” for improving our coastal village by saving what is worth saving, and replacing what isn’t.


  3. The Marvel Marble building (like the old post office could have been) can be renovated. It is a neat funky building, which is the reason a lot of people come to Edmonds. Lets get the developers out of here before they turn our city into another Kirkland. We need to develop a historic district ordinance like Snohomish and protect our funky, eclectic buildings before it is too late. We are allowing developers to start tearing at the fabric that is our city. I believe there is an Architectural review meeting this Wednesday on the Marvel Marble building. Maybe the folks who want to see it renovated should show up. Also if we keep putting up these dime a dozen mixed use condos, our “coastal village” won’t look like a coastal village anymore.


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