Scene in Edmonds: Garden shops gear up for spring

Edmonds residents are starting to see signs of spring around town in the corner parklets, but warmer weather is needed for flower baskets to take full bloom. Until then, the downtown garden shops have pops of color available for area gardeners to enjoy.

Bountiful Home’s porch features a curated selection of plants for sale.

Bountiful Home’s porch is filled with hardy spring plants, including Viola Etain, a fragrant perennial.

Bright and whimsical items for gardeners can be found at Garden Gear.

Garden Gear, located on Fifth Avenue, now has metal decorations to brighten slow-blooming gardens. Owner Lili recently provided one of her favorite gardening tips, which is to “mix coffee grounds with your planting soil to deter slugs and snails.” According to Lili, the mixture “is not slug proof, but it deters them.”

Garden Gear storefront window on Fifth Avenue near the fountain.

Lili advises gardeners to “come in now for English daisies which are cool-temperature bloomers.” And also check out Garden Gear’s selection of succulents and air plants.

Garden Gate on Main Street offers clearance prices before closing day.

On Main Street, Garden Gate Gifts has transferred its lease to a new shop owner. All items in the store are on clearance, along with fixtures. Fans of the store are sad to see it go, but can stop in now to pick up decor and gift items.

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