Spotlight on EdCC: Acing College program improves student access

EdCC’s Michelle Cimarolli and Director of Entry Services Mark Di Virgilio at a recent board meeting for the college foundation.

Imagine being a first-generation high school student nearing graduation and you see your peers preparing for college, but the forms and entry fees seem intimidating and overwhelming. Luckily, area students have access to EdCC’s Acing College program to ease the transition to college. Director of Entry Services Mark Di Virgilio recently visited the EdCC Foundation to provide this update on the Acing College program:

EdCC’s Acing College Acing College for high school seniors is a program designed to help navigate the college entry process and provide financial assistance for qualified students who cannot otherwise afford the testing and application fees.

To get the word to prospective students and their counselors, EdCC’s Michelle Platt and Michelle Cimarolli visit 11 area high schools five times throughout the school year to provide an overview, application session, financial aid and scholarships information, and arrange placement testing. Acing College pays for the EdCC application fee and reduces the intimidation of the entry process. The application fees are funded by EdCC Foundation, which raises money through its annual events including the upcoming gala.

For the 2016-17 school year, approximately 260 high school students participated in Acing College through Edmonds, Mukilteo, and several high schools in the Everett school district. Of that group, 178 students have applied to EdCC, so far.

The goal is to remove obstacles so that prospective students can find their way to EdCC. Interested students and their families should contact their high school counselors for more information, or email us directly at For more information on becoming a donor to EdCC Foundation to help support access, excellence, and success at the college, see here.

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