Crowds mob Floretum annual plant sale in support of club’s scholarship fund


    The new location did nothing to deter crowds from the massively popular Edmonds Floretum Garden Club annual plant sale, held Saturday morning in the Edmonds United Methodist Church parking lot.

    As in past years, the crowds began gathering early for the chance to get first pick of more than 1,000 plants, all priced to sell. At the 9 a.m. opening bell, more than 100 eager gardeners rushed in, jostling to be first get their garden-gloved hands on the choicest specimens.

    All plants in the sale are donated, and most come from Floretum Club members’ gardens.

    “Our members are all avid gardeners,” said club president Sally Wassall, “and each year as their gardens grow they divide up plants that have spread, put them in pots, and store them for this sale. This year we have more than 1,000 plants on sale. I brought more than 100 from my garden alone!”

    But the sale has a bigger purpose than just sharing plants.

    “It’s our primary source of money for the club’s annual scholarship fund,” explained Wassall. “Last year’s sale brought in more than $2,600, and we were able to offer two scholarships to horticultural students, both of whom could not have paid for college without them. This year’s turnout is amazing, and I’m hoping we can top $3,000. That would mean at least two scholarships, maybe three.”

    Previously held in the PCC parking lot at Westgate, this year’s move to the Edmonds United Methodist church at 9th and Caspers did nothing to deter the crowds, and drew all positive comments from club members and plant shoppers.

    “I love the new location,” said Floretum Club member Graham Humphrey. “There’s plenty of parking, and it’s safer because the lot isn’t busy with shoppers pulling in and out. Plus we’re right on the main street and visible to anyone driving by. And even the weather cooperated!”

    — Story and photos by Larry Vogel

    3 Replies to “Crowds mob Floretum annual plant sale in support of club’s scholarship fund”

    1. It was such a great event and so happy to see all the happy planters coming to spy on plants. The weather was perfect! Thank you community for making this a fun event!


    2. Our Edmonds Floretum Garden Club plant sale was a great success this year and best ever! We are pleased and proud to report that the sale took in $3,950 and that all this money will go to fund the club’s scholarship program for horticulture students. This compares to $2,600 last year. Thank you Edmonds for your fantastic support!


    3. We are sure that some late sales and donations will round off that money for scholarships to $4,000
      at least. We are pleased that some generous customers donated to the scholarship fund also.
      We hope our happy customers are putting those plants in the ground for the best chance of success with their new plants.


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