Edmonds City Council Tuesday to discuss unit lot subdivision process; meet in committees


The Edmonds City Council will begin its new committee meeting format Tuesday night, May 9, starting with a brief council business meeting to consider whether to adopt a unit lot subdivision process.

According to the council agenda, permitting unit lot subdivisions “would allow for creation of an ownership option for multifamily development projects as an alternative to condominiums. Just like condominiums, a unit lot subdivision does not change zoning, density or other bulk requirements for a multifamily project — it simply overlays property lines on a site.”

The agenda notes that such a subdivision differs from a standard subdivision in that the development standards for a project are applied to the larger site (parent lot) as opposed to the individual parcels being created (unit lots).

A reminder that the city council committee meetings are work sessions for the city council and staff only. The meetings are open to the public but are not public hearings and no public comment will be taken.

The committees will meet concurrently in separate rooms as indicated below:

Parks, Planning, and Public Works Committee (Jury Meeting Room)
– Report on construction bids for the 238th Street Walkway Project (Edmonds Way to SR99)

– Presentation of a Supplemental Agreement with BHC Consultants for the Dayton Street Utility Replacement Project (3rd Avenue to 9th Avenue)

– Presentation of a Complete Streets grant agreement with the Transportation Improvement Board

– Presentation of a supplemental agreement with Tetra Tech for the sewer lift station #1 basin and flow study

Finance Committee (Council Chamber)
– Proposed business license renewal late fee reversal policy

– Present Draft 2018 Budget Development Calendar to council

Public Safety and Personnel Committee (Police Training Room)
– Amendments to Diversity Commission code provisions

On the agenda for all three committees is to review and provide feedback on council committee descriptions.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the council chambers, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N.  You can see the complete agenda here.

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