Edmonds Police Blotter, May 9-15

May 9

8400 block 188th Street Southwest: Police investigated a report of a man found sleeping in vehicle that was in the roadway.

8400 block 186th Street Southwest: A witness observed a man checking three mailboxes and saw mail in the man’s hand. When police contacted the subject, who is an admitted heroin addict, no mail was found.

6800 block 176th Street Southwest: Victim received fraud call from subject offering a Visa credit card with $20,000 credit line and 0 percent interest to consolidate victim’s other cards. Directed victim to make four Western Union Payments for card, but it was never received.

7300 block 210th Street Southwest: Sunglasses were stolen from a vehicle while parked at Park 210 Apartments sometime overnight.

9300 block 236th Street Southwest: A school was tagged with graffiti

May 10

23300 block 92nd Avenue West: A 13-year-old girl and her 16-year-old boyfriend were in a verbal argument.

9600 block 231st Place Southwest: A Child Protective Services worker took a child into custody pursuant to a court order.

600 block Bell Street: Theft of lug nuts from a vehicle resulted in a tire falling off while vehicle was driven on the freeway.

23600 block Highway 99: A juvenile stole alcohol from Safeway.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: An Arby’s employee left her backpack unattended at a table and someone took it and left.

24100 block Highway 99: A woman who shoplifted from Burlington Coat Factory was arrested at a local motel. Police found shoplifted merchandise as well as heroin in the suspect’s purse.

9800 block 228th Street Southwest: Police received a report that a clarinet was stolen about two years ago.

21500 block Highway 99: A phone was  stolen out of an unlocked vehicle.

7900 block 194th Place Southwest: Victim reported being  attacked at random by four suspects. Nothing was taken, and there were no major injuries.

17500 block Olympic View Drive: A landlord told police was unable to contact a renter for three weeks and was concerned for her safety.

May 11

21900 block Highway 99: Theft at WinCo Foods reported.

21900 block Highway 99: A physical domestic assault led to domestic violence arrest.

22100 block Highway 99: A subject called police, making numerous claims of crimes. Police learned that subject was trying to find someone to pay for a motel room, and hoped to use victim status to get that free lodging.

8700 block 242nd Street Southwest: A man reported fraudulent use of his bank account

19500 block 84th Avenue West: Social media harassment was reported.

18000 block Homeview Drive: An out-of-area stolen vehicle was recovered.

23100 block 76th Avenue West: Identity theft was reported.

17100 block 68th Avenue West: A 13-year-old boy did not return home from school.

23600 block Highway 99: Liquor was stolen from Safeway.

May 12

7700 block 175th Street Southwest: A residential burglary occurred.

500 block Elm Way: A man was directed by an Internet hacker, possibly in the Philippines, to send money via Western Union. The hacker threatened to release a video of victim to his Facebook friends and college if he didn’t comply.

8600 block 240th Street Southwest: A woman reported that someone had siphoned gasoline from her parked vehicle and damaged the gas caps.

21100 block Highway 99: A man was arrested for second-degree criminal trespass from a local business.

16100 block North Meadowdale Road: A woman reported that her sister stole her keys and glasses after an argument.

7900 block 199th Street Southwest: Suspicious marks were found on a shed.

7600 block 230th Street Southwest: An adult family got into a verbal argument.

May 13

22500 block 76th Avenue West: A storage unit was burglarized.

8100 block 236th Street Southwest: A woman broke up with her boyfriend recently and was sent a dark photo of a tail light that appears to be hers. Boyfriend was never told where she moved to, so woman wanted a report on file.

9500 block 240th Street Southwest: Four broken windows were reported at an abandoned school building.

1100 block 6th Avenue South: A black leather bag with business cards was found inside an apartment building. The bag had been stolen during a car prowl at the owner’s home address overnight.

8500 block 218th Street Southwest: An elderly couple was swindled by a telephone lottery scam.

1100 block A Avenue South: A bag was found on side yard of house.

22900 block 74th Avenue West: A woman reported that two suspicious males knocked on her door.

21900 block Highway 99: A man and woman were arrested for burglary.

May 14

100 block West Dayton: A vehicle prowl was reported at the Harbor Inn.

23500 block Edmonds Way: A verbal domestic violence report results in a traffic-related arrest for driving with a suspended license and an ignition interlock violation.

21900 block Highway 99: A person was trespassed from a business after subject went into the employee break room, ate food and then went into a second floor storage room to relax.

9500 block 215th Street Southwest: A woman caught a man going through mailboxes next to her house.

600 block 12th Avenue North: Neighborhood mailboxes were damaged/opened, with mail theft likely.

9100 block 238th Street Southwest: Theft of mail reported.

9000 block 216th Street Southwest: Neighborhood mailboxes were reported damaged/opened, with mail theft likely.

1000 block 12th Avenue North: Neighborhood mailboxes were reported damaged/opened, with mail theft likely.

1100 block 12th Avenue North: Three mailboxes were pried open. Unknown if any mail is missing.

21800 block 84th Avenue West: Theft of mail reported.

8200 block Sierra Drive: Theft of rear license plate reported.

200 block 3rd Avenue South: An unlocked vehicle had a child safety seat and paperwork stolen overnight

22100 block Highway 99: A man was arrested/booked into jail for driving with suspended license and an outstanding warrant.

800 block Caspers Street: A woman was arrested for DUI and narcotics possession.

May 15

8400 block 240TH Street Southwest: Suspects damaged and entered locked mailboxes. Unknown if mail was stolen.

1300 block Olympic View Drive: Recovered stolen vehicle from out of the area.

8700 block 218th Street Southwest: Unknown suspect(s) broke into a mailbox.

8800 block 238th Street Southwest: Attempted mail theft reported.

600 block Maple Street: Fraud from an online business was reported.

8500 block 240th Street Southwest: Report of mail theft from locked mailboxes.

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