Election 2017: Cathy Baylor announces candidacy for Edmonds School Board

Cathy Baylor

Cathy Baylor, a longtime school volunteer/activist and nationally certified piano teacher, announced Monday she is running for Edmonds School Board of Directors Position 4.

“I bring to the school board a willingness to listen to all viewpoints and a proven record of crafting creative, effective solutions,” Baylor said.

A 48-year resident of Lynnwood and a graduate of Lynnwood High School, Baylor is also the former program coordinator for the district’s Indian Education Program. She noted that her own children — both of whom completed Edmonds-Woodway High School’s International Baccalaureate Program — were also enrolled in the Indian Education program.

“The current school board looks out for the issues faced by the nearly 50 percent of non-white Edmonds School District students,” she said. “What I can bring is the perspective and understanding of someone with actual experience unique to members of minority populations. ”

Baylor said her experience as a music teacher and with the school district’s Destination Imagination creative problem-solving program will affect her school board decisions.

“The arts are an essential to a basic education, not an add-on,” she said.

Baylor also served as president of the Edmonds Music Teachers Association and the Friends of the Lynnwood Library.

Susan Phillips currently holds Position 4 on the Edmonds School Board. She is not seeking re-election.



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  1. Some thief stole one of my two “Kathy Baylor” campaign yard signs. In case the thief is reading this message, I’d like to inform him, her, or them that the yard sign has a value and is a theft. In addition to its being against the law, it was truly cowardly to steal the yard sign of someone whom you possibly oppose. It shows that you (like many of our federal politicians) do not believe that they can win without cheating, lying, or stealing.


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