Learn more about Edmonds trees, thanks to the Tree Board

Edmonds Tree Board member Bill Phipps placing a sign.

The City of Edmonds Tree Board is encouraging citizens to take a walk along Main Street or 5th Avenue South and enjoy the beauty of local trees.

Green signs have been placed on the street trees to provide educational information that includes the species and variety of the tree, as well as the list of benefits that trees bring to our environment.

Tree Board member Jed Marshall created the informational guidelines and Bill Phipps helped placed the signs on the trees.

The signs will be up for about two weeks, and information is available to citizens to allow them to calculate the benefits of trees near them.

An example of an informational tree sign.

5 Replies to “Learn more about Edmonds trees, thanks to the Tree Board”

  1. Great info! And let’s not forget the wildlife benefits, positive effects on shopping behavior, extended pavement life in areas with tree shade, enhanced moods and mental functioning, noise buffering, … yes, trees do so much for us.


  2. Sweet Gum grow into very large trees. One thing that would be helpful is the growth size and the width.


    1. This was merely an example Jenny and yes, the Tree Board will continue to pursue educating the public on right tree and right place.


  3. Thank you for providing information about the trees beautifying Edmonds. Trees are so important for our physical and mental well being besides giving homes to birds and small wildlife! However, the trees lining 3rd Ave. look like artifacts and I never see birds occupying these strange “sculptures”!
    Can you give information about those trees?


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