Letter to the Editor: Everyone benefits from rent control


Dear Editor:

I am a disabled senior about to lose my home due to insufficient income. I’ve had less than $100 in raises from social security in the last 10 years. Now my landlord wants over $200 more for rent for a small space in a mobile home park. This would represent far more than half my income. I was struggling before, now it will be impossible. I don’t want to live in a shelter. Shelters are for animals. I need a home of my own that I can afford to keep!

I wish to alert the voters that RCW 35.21.830, the No Rent Control Law, need to be repealed if we want to keep Seniors and Families from becoming homeless. This law was pushed through and lobbied for by wealthy corporations that don’t care one whit about the our communities or families.

This problem negatively affects everyone. Homeowners are suffering from artificially increased property taxes as well as multiple generations living at home because of the lack of affordable housing. Renters are not able to keep up with the rising costs. Small business are leaving.

The outcome will be a gradual shutdown of services in our state and eventually complete economic collapse as the housing market bubbles and crumbles once again.

Countries that practice rent control have nationwide living wages, and people can afford a decent place to live. We’ve tried it their way and it’s not working!

I’ve started a petition to address this issue: https://petitions.moveon.org/sign/stop-homelessness-repeal?source=c.em&r_by=10860476.

Terri Haney

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  1. HI Terri . . . I just clicked on your link to Move ON, to sign the petition. Keep us posted on it . . . and stay positive. I’ve been with Move On, signong petitions for a few years now, and they do seem to get the attention they need.


  2. Why anyone would ever want to be a landlord in this day and age is beyond me. Been there, done that, and never again!

    Now, it’s unfortunate that you are facing rent increases. Many renters of course are caught in the trap of shelling out more dollars for housing due to rising market conditions, short supply, etc.

    Your landlord is also facing increased property taxes, utility rates, insurance costs, and so many other rising fees, etc. Property taxes for my modest Edmonds home went up $500 this year. Much of that due to Sound Transit. My 12 year old pickup truck went down $5, however my newer car is due in November. Believe me, I’ll be sitting down when I open that bill, and pray I don’t have a heart attack.

    We are all in a steep cost of living increase boom.

    It is absolutely necessary and fair for your landlord to pass these costs on to their renters. They have no choice.

    Rent controls have lead to lower rental availability, as many landlords have sold the property or made condos of their units.

    It is fair for you to participate in those increase costs through increased rent.


  3. Terri,

    I don’t know much about rent control, but was drawn to your story. I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I was listening to the radio this morning & they were talking about the good works that St Vincent De Paul does & the services they provide. I myself wasn’t aware to the extent of what they did (except for hearing about donating clothing to them & their thrift stores of course) – at any rate I would encourage you to reach out to them and perhaps they can be of some assistance to you. https://www.svdpusa.org/ Hoping that you don’t have to become displaced and definitely not have to go into shelter living. Please update us on the petition progress and your rent situation if possible?

    A Caring Neighbor


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