Spotlight on EdCC: Learning Support Center offers tutoring 24/7

Allie Maurer, Peer Writing Assistant, and Jeremiah Roland, Director, Learning Support Center, visit the Edmonds Community College Foundation.

Edmonds Community College Learning Support Center Director Jeremiah Roland recently visited the Edmonds Community College Foundation to report how money raised by the foundation supports students.

According to Roland, students of all levels can receive help from the Learning Support Center in person Monday through Saturday and via online assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The center has approximately 55 student tutors providing 4,500 hours of tutoring per quarter, with over 15,000 hours spent tutoring 2,500 to 3,500 students annually.

The center offers three ways to receive academic assistance: Drop-in, via a Write 95 or 101 class, or eTutoring, with 24/7 online help available for students. Tutors help students with writing, math, science, and certificate programs, such as nursing, E-Tech, and Allied Health. Local and international students appreciate how tutors assist with assignments, including writing projects.

Student tutor Allie Maurer spoke about the benefits students and peer tutors gain in confidence and writing ability by working together. Roland noted that finding a sense of community at a busy commuter school can be difficult, but spaces like the Learning Support Center provide a place for students to gather and study together with classmates, almost like a second home.

All support at the center is geared to help students learn, pursue excellence, and advance to the next level on their academic paths.

For more information, see the Learning Support Center page here, or contact To support access, excellence, and success for students, consider becoming a donor to Edmonds Community College Foundation.

–Janette Turner

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