Thrillist calls Edmonds best small town to visit in Washington

What’s the best small town to visit in Washington state? Why Edmonds, of course.

That’s according to, an online media brand based in New York City that has been covering food, drink, travel and entertainment since 2004.

In this feature, “The Best Small Towns to Visit in All 50 States,” Edmonds got the nod for Washington state. Says Thrillist, in part:

…for a combo of breathtaking waterfront scenery, first-rate food, and loads of great watering holes, Edmonds gets our vote. Known to many Seattleites as simply “that place to get the ferry,” Edmonds has grown into a destination town in its own right, with spots like Salt & Iron and Bar Dojo anchoring a downtown long on big-city-worthy dining options. Enjoy a summer sunset over Puget Sound with a cocktail at Rory’s, or sip a famous northwest latte at Walnut Street Coffee. And outside Seattle, the state might not have a finer performing arts center than the Edmonds Center, which hosts theater and ballet all year long.

You can see more of the list here.

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  1. I already knew this… but do you have to tell everybody? The parking situation downtown’s bad as it is.


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