Holy Rosary gets a surprise end-of-year guest


The last day of school is always a special event, as student rush out the doors filled with dreams of warm summer days, long evenings, and lots of time to spend with friends without the burden of getting up for school, homework, riding school buses and carrying books, heavy coats and backpacks.

But this year, Holy Rosary students ended the school year on a surprise high note, when who burst in during their final assembly but Blitz, the Seahawk mascot.

Blitz really got everyone in a celebratory mood with his usual high-energy act of mischief and mayhem. He engaged the students in some impromptu races and other competitions, and finished off with some energetic cheerleading that left everyone breathless.

For students and faculty alike, it was a day that won’t soon be forgotten.

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel

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