Letter to the editor: Thank you for the kindness



I’d like to say a big heartfelt thank you to some angels in Edmonds.

This morning I had a procedure done at the Edmonds Outpatient Surgery Center. Afterwards, I was outside walking my small dog when my legs went totally numb and I couldn’t move them. I fell to the ground.

A gentleman in his car had been watching all this happen. He jumped out of his car, and asked if I was OK and could I get up? Yes, I was OK, no I couldn’t get up. So he went and got a wheelchair and three nurses to help me out!

The nurses from the surgery center were equally kind, caring, and helpful. Never once did I feel judged. After putting my dog back in the car for me, they wheeled me inside, brought me water, checked my vitals and patiently waited until I was able to stand (and walk a few steps). Then a nurse wheeled me to my car & helped me get in. Such service with a smile!

I didn’t get the man’s name, nor the names of the nurses. I’d like to thank them greatly! They were truly angels this morning, watching out for me.

Edmonds really does have fine folks that live and work here.

(Also, I’m OK, except for a few bruises and being a bit sore from the fall.).

In gratitude,
Jennifer Benson

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  1. Sending prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you for all your work and dedication.
    Carol Judith


  2. I am glad you are well and I love this about our Edmonds community. The other day I saw a young woman who had fallen off her bicycle at a rather precarious spot on the 524 and drivers of two vehicles had stopped to help her. It’s good to live in a town where people go out of their way to help.


      1. I like to tell people that Edmonds is the town where everybody knows your dog’s name, and maybe yours too!


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