Crane at Edmonds ferry dock performing maintenance work


Notice the crane at the Edmonds ferry dock? Ian Sterling, Washington State Ferries spokesperson, said Thursday night that American Construction Company is performing maintenance work on the dock’s landing aids, known as dolphins and the wingwalls. (See illustration here for examples of these structures.)

The company is the ferry system’s on-call marine maintenance contractor, Sterling said.

“We inspect all of our landing aids at each ferry terminal annually looking for damage to the wingwalls and dolphins,” he added. “We then write the contractor a repair letter that authorizes maintenance repair work to be completed.

Current work at Edmonds includes re-positioning three dolphin fender panel piles with a vibratory pile driver and replacing the damaged marine fenders on the dolphins. The contractor will also replace and tighten damaged bolts on the dolphins and wingwalls.

“These activates are basically similar to doing routine maintenance to your vehicle in for a 60,000-mile tune up,” Sterling said. The goal is to get all the dolphins and wingwalls back into the original installed condition and function prior to the heavy weather season.

“Some of this work also needs to be completed while we are permitted to use pile driving equipment (July to February),” he said.

The contract with American Construction also will cover any emergency repairs to the landing aids.

The same equipment was in Kingston last week for dock repairs there, Sterling said.

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