Edmonds hydros up and down in Tri-Cities


The 2017 unlimited hydroplaning racing schedule gets under way this weekend in Tri-Cities, Washington, with 25 percent of the boats racing this weekend with Edmonds connections.

The U-11 Miss DiJulio is owned by Scott and Shannon Raney and their shop is just off 212th Street Southwest and 70th Avenue West.

The U-440 Bucket List Racing is owned by Kelly Stocklin, who lives in the north end of Edmonds.

The Miss DiJulio ran last year as the Peters and May and is driven by Tom Thompson from Maryland.

The Raneys are running a different boat this year than last year. This year’s boat is the one that crashed in 2014, and it has been completely rebuilt. This boat corners better and has more acceleration than the previous boat. Shannon Raney told My Edmonds News that the team was very pleased with the boats performance at the exhibition race earlier this month in Madison, Indiana.

During qualifying Friday, the Miss DiJulio ran a lap at 153.885 mph. Raney was gloating as it was the fastest lap in their six years as a team. The record didn’t last long as an hour later Thompson pushed the boat to a speed of 156.600.

The Bucket List Racing crashed in 2015, flipping end over end and wrenching then owner/driver Stocklin’s back. At age 64, he decided it was time to turn the driving chores over to a new up and coming driver, Dustin Echols,. The boat spent last season being completely rebuilt and is at its first race since the rebuild. It also set its top speed ever with a lap of over 141mph.

Unfortunately, on Echols’ second lap Friday the boat violently spun and suffered major damage. The team spent Friday afternoon and evening repairing the damage and it was ready to race Saturday.

Racing starts at 1:50 p.m. Saturday and ends up Sunday. The boats racing this weekend are:

U-1         HomeStreet Bank          Jimmy Shane

U-3         Grigg’s Hardware           Jimmy King

U-9         Les Schwab                  Andrew Tate

U-11       Miss DiJulio                  Tom Thompson

U-12       Graham Trucking          J. Michael Kelly

U-21       Payne West Insurance    Brian Perkins

U-99.9    Car Star                        Greg Hopp

440         Bucket List Racing         Dustin Echols

Follow all the action, particularly that of our local boats, on My Edmonds News.

— By Harry Gatjens

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  1. Looks like this is the year for the U-11 to perform up to their potential, going to be exciting to see them battle for wins. Thanks for the boat racing coverage.


  2. Please note that the U-11 is the “Miss DiJulio presents J&D Metal Fabrication and Vehicle Upfitting”!


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