Edmonds police chief says President’s remarks about treating suspects ‘not helpful’

Police Chief Al Compaan

City of Edmonds Police Chief Al Compaan said in a statement Monday that he is “troubled” by President Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding the treatment of prisoners by law enforcement.

The Washington Post reported that during a speech to law enforcement on Long Island Friday, Trump gave police officers some advice on how to treat suspects.

“When you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over?” Trump said, miming the physical motion of an officer shielding a suspect’s head to keep it from bumping against the squad car, The Post reported.

“I am troubled by President Trump’s comment to Suffolk County, New York, law enforcement this past Friday, apparently condoning the roughing up of prisoners in police custody,” Compaan said. “Made in jest or not, any intimation of it being OK to mistreat prisoners is irresponsible at best and is counter to law enforcement’s Oath of Office and Code of Ethics.

“Mistreatment of prisoners is also against the law,” Compaan continued. “Earning the public’s trust and confidence is difficult enough. The President is not being helpful.”



8 Replies to “Edmonds police chief says President’s remarks about treating suspects ‘not helpful’”

  1. It wasn’t said in jest, it was unhelpful – if not downright destructive – and it showed a complete disregard for the presumption of innocence, one of the foundation stones of our laws and our tradition of justice.


  2. I appreciate Chief Compann’s statement on behalf of the EPD. We live in a time where nothing like this can be said in jest by anyone in authority. As a woman of color, I have been alarmed by the casual usage of harmful and insulting language towards minorities and women under the guise of “free speech”, both locally and nationally.


  3. Thanks Al! I heard it on KNKX this morning. Other chiefs were quoted but Al’s comments were recorded & broadcast. Nice to hear Edmonds mentioned so positively on the news! Way to go, Chief!


  4. Its ironic to hear the Edmonds police chief say this when they have such a dismal record themselves, in particular concerning their record of improper responses at Edmonds’ Swedish Emergency room which has become a battle ground between the growing homeless problem and the wealthy Edmonds community that doesn’t want them there.


  5. So proud of you for speaking up against bullying behavior so strongly advocated by our current President. We need more voices like yours speaking out. Thank you for boldly speaking up!!


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