City will ask judge to decide whether it can build waterfront walkway in front of Edmonds condos


Whether the City of Edmonds can build a walkway on a public access easement in front of privately owned waterfront condominiums is a question headed for Snohomish County Superior Court.

The Edmonds City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to authorize City Attorney Jeff Taraday to file a request with the court to resolve the dispute over the scope of the public access easement that the city owns in front of the Ebb Tide condominiums.

The action came at the end of the council meeting, following an executive session to discuss the matter.

The issue stems from plans by the city to add 300 feet of walkway to connect the “missing link” between the north and south sections of an existing waterfront walkway — which is now interrupted by a private beach belonging to the 20-unit Ebb Tide building. The walkway connection is one element of the city’s planned waterfront park redevelopment in front of the Edmonds Senior Center, and Barker Landscape was recently hired to complete the work.

Despite ongoing talks with the Ebb Tide, Edmonds Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Carrie Hite said no agreement has been reached about the city’s access to the easement. “As we go forward with design and development, we don’t want to get to the final hour and have an injunction to have to stop,” Hite said. “So instead, we’re proactively asking the judge to declare if the easement is clear and if we do have the right to build on that walkway.”

City Attorney Jeff Taraday said the request will be filed with the court “in the next week or two.”



16 Replies to “City will ask judge to decide whether it can build waterfront walkway in front of Edmonds condos”

  1. I hope Edmonds succeeds with the easement. The folks in Edmonds need a clear right of way in that area.


  2. It does seem it’s the whole City of Edmonds vs. the Ebb Tide. I understand wanting to maintain privacy, but it seems their expectations are a bit excessive.


  3. It’s too bad that it has to come down to this, but the greater needs of our city, our citizenry, and visitors, alike deserve unfettered access to the Edmonds waterfront. Hopefully, the ‘residents’ of the Ebbtide will eventually see, understand, and appreciate this need.


  4. Amazing comments, truly astounding.
    The people who own and live at the Ebb Tide have paid significant money to purchase and live there.
    The City of Edmonds, wastes public tax dollars to take away the rights of others, and you applaud the efforts…….. pathetic.
    Ask the Reidy family who had there legal rights violated by the City of Edmonds, an easement illegally applied to their property, and their personal property destroyed by the City of Edmonds. Ask them about the City and it’s practice of taking property from others.
    The Edmond’s City Hall attitude is if you own it, and we want it, we will take you to court on tax payer dollars, and you can drain your savings to fight us.
    Prerogative reading of the law, is not law.
    There are plenty of other places for people to walk in Edmond’s without taking others property.

    I hope the City fails in it latest attempt to steal others private property.


    1. And I’m truly amazed that you continue to live and/or operate a business in a city that you allege is so terribly run.


    1. Building airports and highways was “true socialist” behavior? Sometimes the common good overrules the private good. I’m not saying that this case warrants such a move, but it is generally agreed that in some cases, private land can be appropriated, with suitable compensation. Using buzzwords and branding people as “socialists” hardly helps.


  5. The laws of imminent domain have been around for a long time and I am sure have passed Constitutional muster.


  6. The ;public does not know what if anything the City offered for compensation. A private beach certainly has a great deal of value. The owners have previously express and interest to work with the City to make this link possible. Could well be a pricing issue.


  7. I was not around when permission to build the Ebb Tide was given. The residents must be happy to have the views in a building much taller than any others along the water. Giving permission to build the walk way seems only right.


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