How much should mayor, councilmembers make? Have your say at Aug. 14 public hearing


How much should members of the Edmonds City Council be paid? How much should the mayor earn? The City of Edmonds’ Salary Commission is seeking public input on these important questions of compensation.

The commission, a citizen agency charged with setting salaries and compensation for elected officials, has scheduled a public hearing and meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 14, in the Public Safety Training Room, 250 5th Ave. N., Edmonds.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend. Each person will be given up to three minutes to speak.

In addition, Edmonds rsidents can give online feedback by taking a brief survey at this link. Printed copies of the survey will
be available at the reception desk of City Hall, 121 5th Ave. N. The survey will be open until Aug. 4, 2017.

In Edmonds, the mayor’s 2017 salary is $118,361 per year, plus benefits. Councilmembers earn $12,000 a year, plus medical insurance premium costs (for councilmembers only) or
the cash equivalent. The council president receives an additional $2,400 per year.

For more information, including a history of salaries for elected officials, visit

Under city ordinance, the five-member salary commission must make a binding recommendation on compensation by Sept. 30. The citizen panel can consider many factors, including pay for elected officials in other cities of comparable size in the region, as
well as historic trends.

6 Replies to “How much should mayor, councilmembers make? Have your say at Aug. 14 public hearing”

  1. If one clicks through to the historical data for 2017; Council members compensation is $12,000 per year but they are also receiving another $8,839.92 annually in benefits which they can take as a cash equivalent if they choose. That make the $12,000 number a bit misleading. The total compensation is $20,839.92 annually. And that is what should be considered when discussing the Council’s compensation.


    1. And that’s a reason why the committee should be named the Compensation Committee. I’ve raised this point several times in past years without any success.


  2. And the reporting is incomplete. $20,839.92 is what Council members are receiving now, not $12,000, since they take the benefits or the cash value of the benefits. The online survey refers to the mayor as the CEO and he is not. All are elected officials. They report not to boards or supervisors but to the tax payers and voters. You are right Ron.


  3. How Pay for Performance?

    Make the pay based upon merit: the more the Council comes under budget and ahead of schedule, the more incentive pay they get.

    But this is govt…sigh!


  4. City Council members have a demanding task and should be compensated for their work. The jobs should be evaluated on the basis of the skills and background need to do the job effectively. To compare them against other city’s pay does not seem to measure skill but only what others pay. As our city grows and our problems are more complicated it would be important to have a pay structure that attracts the best candidates possible. If we want to get the best candidates and council possible we need to be willing to pay for it.


    1. Come one Darrol, you are more in tune with reality than this post. Compensation based upon skills and background? Like me, you are a citizen of the People Republic of Puget Sound. The government should decide what is fair compensation and wage rates, not everyday ordinary citizens. Whom might be all white males and very aware of competitive government compensation packages, because that’s all that chose to volunteer. ;-0


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