New Edmonds bakery Ganache now open on Main Street

Ganache, now open in Edmonds.

As of Monday, July 17 Edmonds has a new bakery, Ganache Patisserie and Cafe, at 407 Main St. just west of the Edmonds Theater.

The owner is Nikolai Kulakevich, who originally had opened the Crema de La Crema bakery on 66th Avenue West in Mountlake Terrace.

“Originally we were planning to keep our Mountlake Terrace location too, but due to some circumstances we will not be able to,” Kulakevich posted on Crema de la Crema’s Facebook page. “We know that for some of you our old location is closer to get to and more convenient. But we hope to see you at our new place. You are an awesome group of ‘sweet’ customers!”



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    1. We’ve asked for hours but learned that they had to close temporarily today due to “technical difficulties” — but hope to reopen tomorrow. We’ll keep everyone updated.


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