Business brief: Peoples Bank launches ‘Pigs in Parks’ contest


Peoples Bank on Aug. 7 launched “Pigs in Parks,” a contest designed to raise awareness about the importance of saving, and to encourage people to get outside and enjoy their community parks this summer. Throughout August, 250 softball-sized piggy banks will be hidden in parks across Washington state — in Chelan, Douglas, Island, King, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties. Clues for where the pigs are hidden will be shared on the Peoples Bank Instagram account (@peoplesbankwa).

When found, the piggy banks can be returned to a local Peoples Bank branch for a prize and to be entered in a drawing to win one of six grand prizes featuring a swag bag full of great products provided by local businesses.

According to data released last fall by GoBanking Rates, nearly 70 percent of Americans surveyed had less than $1,000 in their savings account. In Washington state, 26 percent reported having no money at all saved. Another survey by BankRate released in May of this year revealed that most American’s biggest financial regret is not saving enough money.

The Edmonds Peoples Bank branch is located at 111 Main St. No. 102.

More information and contest rules can be found at

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  1. Kudos to Peoples Bank for helping raise awareness of the importance of saving! It’s an uphill battle to counteract the ever-more efficient forms of advertising pushing “must-have” products at people of all ages, such as cellphones. After doing the math, Heather and I are still stubbornly holding out against “smart” phones. The monthly fees of $150 or so ($1,800+ a year) add up to a bundle, which could come in handy in case we accidentally reach old-age. It gets harder to resist though since everyone else seems to use them.


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