Cole Gallery launches virtual showcase of contemporary art

“Flourish II” an acrylic by Tracy Kay Felix is one of the pieces chosen for the inaugural exhibition of virtual gallery, Cole Contemporary. Image courtesy of the artist.

Cole Gallery owner Denise Cole surprised the Edmonds-area art world this week with her launch of Cole Contemporary, a virtual gallery which will feature contemporary art on a revolving basis.

For her inaugural exhibit, Cole has selected nine Northwest artists whose work represents a diverse collection of contemporary art. These artists include Scott Burnett, Ellen Busteed, Tracy Kay Felix, David Owen Hastings, Joe Mac Kechnie, Jonlee Nunn, Carol Pierce, Sue Robertson, and Cheryl Waale.

Cole Gallery, Cole’s brick-and-mortar store, is located at 107 5th Ave. S. Her virtual gallery, specializing in Northwest contemporary art, is accessible through this link.

Cole explains her rationale for expanding into the contemporary market in this statement: “After celebrating 10 years of showing Impressionist and realist art at Cole Gallery in Edmonds, we wanted to expand our vision by creating a platform to showcase truly contemporary art.

“I believe that a gallery should endeavor to present a cohesive presentation of art, and I found that it was challenging to mix abstract, contemporary art within our traditional setting at Cole Gallery. I had a vision for a new look, a fresh modern approach, which is informed by design, inspired from modern art, with fresh bold colors and shapes, new concepts and a diverse perspective.”

My Edmonds News and Artfully Edmonds extend congratulations to Cole Contemporary and the nine artists whose work launches this new Edmonds effort.

— By Emily Hill


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