Edmonds Senior Center selects W.G. Clark Construction to build Edmonds Waterfront Center

A rendering of how the new Edmonds Waterfront Center would appear from the northeast.

W.G. Clark Construction has been selected as the contractor to build the new Edmonds Waterfront Center, a partnership between the Edmonds Senior Center and the City of Edmonds.

“With substantial progress made in fundraising, design and permitting, selection of the general contractor marks a significant milestone in the process,” the announcement said.

“We are thrilled to have W.G. Clark on board,” said Senior Center Executive Director Farrell Fleming. “Their reputation, professionalism and commitment to community made them the clear choice for our project.”

“We are very selective about the projects we take on in our Special Projects Division,” said W.G. Clark Senior Project Manager Jim Bray. “When our team heard about the Edmonds Waterfront Center, we were all in.”

The Edmonds Senior Center plans to build a new 26,000-square- foot sustainable building that offers a range of programs emphasizing health and wellness, recreation and education for people of all ages while still responding to the unique needs of an aging population living in south Snohomish and north King Counties. The plan includes beach restoration and improved access to the rare waterfront site.

2 Replies to “Edmonds Senior Center selects W.G. Clark Construction to build Edmonds Waterfront Center”

  1. I’m very excited about the new center.
    However, in the drawing above, it appears that there is LESS parking than currently available.
    I hope that the plan provides for at Least the same amt of spots if not More due to the proposed mixed usage.


    1. I think it’s early to draw any solid conclusions based on what one sees in this drawing. It is clearly meant to be conceptual, that is, intended to give a something more like the flavor of how things will look, rather than display the final result itself. It is also more than a year from when it was produced (dated June 2016 at the bottom), so we do not know how thinking has changed since then. Even if I did not follow my own advice and believed in WYSIWYG, I cannot tell the size of the parking area at the right side of this picture.

      I totally agree on the need to accommodate parking at the SCSC. I also think Farrell Fleming and the Board clearly understand that need too. My suggestion to anyone with specific concerns about the new construction is to become involved with the design process as much as possible from here forward.


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