Scene in Edmonds: Woodpecker at work


Photographer Bill Anderson notes that the theme of this year’s Puget Sound Bird Fest, held in Edmonds Sept. 15-17, is Woodpeckers of the Northwest.

“As if on cue, Thursday afternoon a juvenile male hairy woodpecker landed a few feet from me in Pine Ridge Park and allowed me to photograph it digging for grubs,” Anderson said. “The tree was near an active hairy woodpecker burrow that several of us had photographed in May.”

4 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: Woodpecker at work”

  1. Picture 3 looks like a different bird. The head is shaped differently and the beak looks longer. Reminds me more of a pileated. Is it just the angle?


  2. It is the same bird. Its head is tilted at an odd angle, which is why I included the photo in the ones I submitted to My Edmonds News. I just missed getting a shot of a pileated woodpecker a few minutes later.

    Pine Ridge Park is a great place to look for woodpeckers and is on the list of guided bird walks at Bird Fest. Check the Bird Fest link in the caption above for the schedule and further info.


  3. This spring there was an active pileated woodpecker burrow in Pine Ridge Park. My photos of the adults feeding their young are on display at the Frances Anderson Center in conjunction with Bird Fest.


  4. Thanks for all your wonderful photos, Bill. When we lived in Meadowdale, we had 3 types of woodpeckers in our backyard. The pileated really makes a racket when pecking on the trees. Now that we live downtown, we really miss seeing them. Hope to make it to the Bird Fest.


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