Shane in Homestreet Bank leads hydro qualifying on smoky day

The HomeStreet Bank hydroplane on Lake Washington Friday. (Photo by Chris Denslow)

Jimmy Shane drove his HomeStreet Bank unlimited hydroplane to the top qualifier spot Friday for this weekend’s Albert Lee Cup at Seafair. Five of the eight boats in the Seattle pits qualified today. Three boats, including the two with Edmonds connections, did not qualify. They will all race tomorrow but only the boats that qualified today will get points for their efforts

Kelly Stocklin of Edmonds owns Bucket List Racing. (Photo courtesy H1)

The 440 Bucket List racing, owned by Edmonds resident Kelly Stocklin, went out for a run in the morning. Driver Dustin Echols was doing well when the propeller flew off at speed. Fortunately the propeller coming off didn’t do extensive damage to the boat. Everything should be fine for Saturday.

Miss DiJulio presents J&D’s did not attempt a run today. The hydro’s best race engine was damaged at last weekend’s race in Tri-Cities. Owner/crew chief Scott Raney was in Lake Stevens, at the nearest dyno shop for turbine engines, supervising the testing and rebuilding of their main engine. Raney’s wife and co-owner, Shannon Raney, said that they felt it best to just wait for both the engines and Scott to come back before they ran. There is plenty of time in the morning to test and they decided not to put things together in a rush.

Miss DiJulio driver Tom Thompson had a great weekend in the Tri-Cities. He finished second in every heat and made outstanding starts. The boat ran faster than it has in the six years the team has been in existence, so confidence is high.

Oberto and Les Schwab Tires run in the smoky haze. (Photo courtesy H1)

The same smoky skies that have reduced our views here in Edmonds made visibility difficult on the race course. Still the running was good all day.

The boats that qualified today were:

HomeStreet Bank Jimmy Shane 148.975mps
Les Schwab Andrew Tate 148.355
Graham Trucking J. Michael Kelly 145.319
Oh Boy Oberto J.W. Meyers 134.208
Albert Lee Appliance Brian Perkins 132.396

Miss DiJulio presents J&D Tom Thompson no attempt
Bucket List Racing Dustin Echols no attempt
Miss Rock Greg Hopp no attempt

Racing starts Saturday afternoon. After 66 straight years, there will no be live television coverage this year. So if you want to know what happens, either go down to the races yourself, or read it here on My Edmonds News.

— By Harry Gatjens

4 Replies to “Shane in Homestreet Bank leads hydro qualifying on smoky day”

  1. Harry, Thank You for providing updates. As a ‘Hydro Fan’ since the age of 12 (now 74), I appreciate you keeping us informed with timely updates!


  2. Could the Bucket List and Miss Dijulio presents J&D be opting out of qualifying to conceal their greatly improved speed and performance? I’m expecting great things from them this weekend.


  3. Finally found some news on the newly sponsored DiJulio/J&D. The two DiJulio cousins had a difficult time finding a hydro this year and just joined with J&D/the Raneys a few weeks ago. starts liive coverage @ 10 am Sunday as well as 1150 AM radio. Recap by KIRO TV @ 7 pm.
    Now, did the U-11 DiJulio qualify? In what heat?
    Thanks for the only updates I can find 200 miles away.


    1. I made a spelling error. The Oberto’s driver is J.W. Myers, not Meyers. The Miss DiJulio present J&D’s qualified this morning at 141 mph. It finished 2nd in the first heat of the day. The complete story will be posted after racing is done for hte day. Thanks for your interest.


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