Ask the Edmonds Cop: Reporting injured birds or other wildlife


Edmonds Police Sgt. Shane Hawley answers your public safety questions. This week: What to do when you find injured wildlife.

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  1. Great discussion — thank you.

    A couple of reminders:

    1) If you find a seal on the waterfront, DO NOT approach it, feed it, put it back in the water, etc. Call the Sno-King Marine Mammal Response group (SKMMR) at 206-695-2277 for assistance. They are authorized by a federal agency to move an injured seal pup; you are not.

    2) Please remember that PAWS does not pick up injured animals. They will help you with instructions for transport of an injured bird, for example, to their facility in Lynnwood. You don’t want to just put an injured bird on the backseat of your car; it will likely flap, fly and poop out of panic. For larger creatures, best call Animal Control. Hurt animals can hurt you.

    Susan Morrow


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