Business brief: Veterinary oncologist Chelsea Tripp agrees to serve on pharmaceutical board

Dr. Chelsea Tripp treats one of her feline patients.

Dr. Chelsea Tripp, a board-certified veterinary oncologist and founder of the Bridge Animal Referral Center (BARC) in Edmonds, has agreed to serve as strategic adviser to the animal healthcare division of Sonoma Pharmaceuticals.

Tripp is founder of BARC, which specializes in cancer care for pets including cancer staging, advanced diagnostics, electrochemotherapy, immunotherapy, hyperthermia, injectable and oral chemotherapy as well as advanced imaging procedures.

Tripp will support Sonoma Pharmaceuticals veterinarian outreach efforts.

“Dr. Tripp is a renowned specialist in companion animal oncology,” said Dan McFadden, vice president of animal wellness for Sonoma Pharmaceuticals. “She brings a most enlightened and humanistic approach to dealing with cancer in pets. We are most fortunate to be able to work with someone of her stature—who intimately understands the animal wellness space, both as a veterinarian and as a pet owner herself.”

Tripp received her veterinary degree from the University of Missouri, returning to start practicing in Seattle in 2005. She finished a residency in medical oncology with Washington State University in 2010, becoming a board-certified oncologist. In 2015, Tripp founded Veterinary Cancer Specialty Care and subsequently, in 2017, she transitioned this enterprise into BARC and relocated into a newly remodeled facility in Edmonds’ Five Corners neighborhood.

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