Edmonds Police Blotter, Sept. 6-12


Sept. 6

8600 block 240th Street Southwest: Mother of son calls in to report potential suicidal intentions. Determined to not be suicidal, given crisis ifnormation.

20700 block 78th Place West: Suspicious posts reported on granddaughter’s social media page.

1100 block 4th Avenue South: Theft of bicycle reported.

600 block Edmonds Way: Theft from unlocked vehicle. Property later located and recovered

23200 block Highway 99: Vehicle’s hood was forced open and battery was cut out

24100 block Highway 99:  A domestic violence-related assault led to a woman’s arrest.

7000 block 212th Street Southwest: Subject was arrested on outstanding warrants and a drug paraphernalia charge.

22900 block 74th Avenue West: Vehicle prowl with theft.

23600 block Highway 99: A man shoplifted beer and a bagel from Safeway. Police contacted him nearby walking down the street, consuming one beer and carrying the rest of a six pack.

Sept. 7

8000 block 238th Street Southwest: A man reported an ongoing dispute with his neighbor spanning two years. Civil issue at this point over a private easement use.

9800 block Edmonds Way: A counterfeit $50 bill was passed at Starbucks.

23600 block Highway 99: A man previously arrested for shoplifting at Safeway returned the same day to the store, violating the one-year criminal trespass warning he received.

23900 block Highway 99: Physical domestic dispute reported between a husband and wife. The wife was arrested for assaulting her husband.

23800 block Highway 99: A Subway employee and a customer were robbed at gunpoint by two male suspects.

18500 block 76th Avenue West: An intoxicated man found unconscious in a vehicle was arrested for physical control while under the influence.

Sept. 8

16600 block 72nd Avenue West: A  car was prowled and a suspect used a device that recorded owner’s social media account.

8400 block 240th Street Southwest: A vehicle theft was reported.

1200 block Olympic Avenue:  Computer online repair firm retained by victim attempted to swindle the victim into buying gift cards and depositing the money into their account.

21900 block 96th Avenue West:  Resident found a full gas can at house with a paper wick

23900 block Highway 99: Complainant reported that someone had forged a couple of fraudulent checks.

400 block Pine Street: Identity theft reported.

100 block 5th Avenue North: A large amount of cash found near the Edmonds Museum. (See related story here.)

200 block 3rd Avenue North: Verbal argument reported between husband and wife.

Sept. 9

7900 block 236th Street Southwest: Police responded to a verbal domestic disturbance between suicidal boyfriend and his girlfriend.

1000 block Spruce Street: A man entered an elderly woman’s house after being told to leave property.

22200 Highway 99: Police responded to an argument between husband and his wife, who was “highly intoxicated and belligerent.”

9700 block Edmonds Way: A commercial alarm call led to a police response for a commercial burglary.

7900 block 212th Street Southwest: A residential burglary of occupied residence was reported in the early morning hours. A rock was used to enter through a sliding glass window. A purse and wallet were stolen from the living room and suspect(s) — who were heard but not seen — exited through entry point.

7900 block 196th Street Southwest: Police received a report of unauthorized use of a credit card.

8900 block 200th Street Southwest: A house and vehicles were egged, with no damage reported.

22100 Highway 99: A man reported that his adult female acquaintance took his rented vehicle from America’s Best Motel, claiming she was going to the store and would return. The woman did not return and was not answering her phone. The man said the woman never had permission and he considers the vehicle stolen.

21900 block Highway 99: A woman left her wallet, containing ID and credit cards, in the restroom at Winco Foods. She returned approximately 15 minutes later to find someone had taken it.

20700 block 78th Place West: Chronic runaway juvenile runs away again

20600 block 76th Avenue West: During a verbal domestic disturbance, a man assaulted the friend of a woman he was arguing with. The victim did not wish to pursue charges.

7800 block Olympic View Drive: Police responded to an argument between a couple over a fiancee’s tattoo.

Sept. 10

24200 block 116th Avenue West: Police responded to a call from an elderly woman in Woodway, who called 911 about a suspicious jar found in her bedroom.

16400 block 75th Avenue West: Police located suspected vehicle prowlers walking out of a building clearly marked no trespassing.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: Patrols were initially dispatched to a possible car jacking, with victim mentioning he had a broken arm. The man’s story changed, and police determined he was under the influence of narcotics.

7800 block 191st Street Southwest: A couple’s motorcycle and truck were stolen while they were away on vacation.

Sept. 11

7700 block 233rd Place Southwest: Police responded to a verbal domestic disturbance between mother and son.

22800 block Edmonds Way: A man told police he gave personal information to a woman he befriend online.

9200 block 242nd Street Southwest: A vehicle was prowled, and unique rings stolen.

23600 block Highway 99: Employee’s cell phone accidentally given to customer who fails to return it when asked to do so.

600 block Edmonds Way: Burglary of a storage shed reported.

7100 block Meadowdale Beach Road: Suspected mail theft reported.

7300 block 210th Street Southwest: A man was arrested for aiming a firearm, domestic violence and controlled substance violations.

23200 block Edmonds Way: Police responded to a verbal argument between father and adult daughter.

Sept. 12

10100 block 236th Place Southwest: Theft from car reported.

24100 block Highway 99: A woman was arrested for violating a domestic violence no-contact order.

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