Edmonds police offer guidance regarding Equifax data breach


Many people have seen the recent media headlines about the Equifax data breach, and the Edmonds Police Department has announced what it can — and can’t — do to help.

According to reports, as many as 143 million people might have had their identifying information compromised. The breach is believed to have occurred between May and July of 2017.

If you have had your information compromised as part of the data breach, but it has not been used, Edmonds police will not be taking case reports in those instances. However, if your information was compromised and has been used fraudulently, police will consider that a local identity theft issue and will take a case report.

“We encourage everyone impacted to freeze your credit and take proactive steps to avoid being an identity theft victim,” Edmonds Police Sgt. Shane Hawley said.

For additional information, visit the police department identity theft web page at https://www.edmondswa.gov/police/identity-theft.html.

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