Fare, policy changes for Washington State Ferries starting Oct. 1


Changes are in store as the Washington State Ferries returns to its non-peak sailing season this Sunday, Oct. 1.

The last day of the summer peak season surcharge for single vehicle fares is Saturday, Sept. 30.  On Oct. 1, single vehicle fares will return to their non-peak rates.  Passenger fares and multi-ride products are not affected by the peak season changes.

However, general fare increases and policy changes will take effect on Oct. 1.  Changes include:

•  2.9 percent fare increase for small and standard sized vehicles

•  0.8 percent to 1.8 percent fare increase for oversized vehicles (22 feet and longer), depending on vehicle size

•  2.5 percent fare increase for passengers

•  Passengers who bring bicycles with trailers will see an increase as they begin paying the motorcycle/driver (stowage) rate instead of the combined passenger fare with bicycle surcharge

For more information, please visit the Washington State Transportation Commission’s Ferry Fares page:

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