Scriber Lake students preview book at Edmonds Saturday market

Marji Bowker and two student authors (Alexandra Martin and Tatum Walker) at a special pre-release event of their latest book at Saturday’s Edmonds Museum Summer Market.
(Photo by Janice Carr)

Scriber Lake High School’s Marji Bowker and student authors Alice Martin and Tatum Walker were at the Edmonds Museum Summer Market Saturday for a special pre-release event featuring the latest book by Scriber Lake students, “This is a Movement: Owning Our Stories, Writing Our Endings.”

Market-goers had a chance to purchase copies of the school’s latest book of stories tracing 14 journeys from troubled pasts challenged by gang violence, eating disorders, mental health issues, death, abuse, deportation, drug use, and more into a brighter, more hopeful future.

For the past six years, Bowker has spearheaded the Student Writing Program at Scriber, which each year publishes a collection of student memoirs. “This is a Movement: Owning Our Stories, Writing Our Endings” will be officially released at an event at Edmonds’ Cafe’ Louvre this Tuesday, Sept. 19 at 6 p.m.


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  1. These emerging adults have taken ownership of their past and are focusing on a much brighter future. They have learned and are applying goal-focused activity. They are successfully competing in the game of life after overcoming massive obsticales. They and their teachers, especially Marjie Bowler, have earned our congratulations and respect.


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