Letter to the editor: Current Port Commissioners failing our environment



Because “actions speak louder than words,” we need to look beyond the expensive PR material put out by the Edmonds Port – using public funds. The Port message is that they are doing a great job with the current commissioners; but the facts indicate that they have minimally met basic environmental requirements, and then only under duress.

The “voluntary” clean up they brag about was necessitated by a lawsuit from Harbor Square tenants. And then only the bare minimum was done, leaving high levels of carcinogenic chemicals in the marsh and ignoring Department of Ecology requests to clean adjacent groundwater. As a matter of fact, Harbor Square and other parts of Port property are still listed as hazardous sites by the state Department of Ecology.

The slanted coverage of Port accomplishments presents a false picture that glosses over serious problems. The incumbent port commissioners are wasting public funds in an intentional effort to mislead us.

It is time for new leadership at the Edmonds Port. Angela Harris, Susan Paine and Lora Petso offer experienced leadership coupled with sincere environmental concern.

Marjie Fields



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  1. People want to talk about carcinogenics chemicals, have you not seen the cars sitting along the ferry line idling for hours leaking oil and gas fumes all over SR 104? Have you seen the BNSF trains idling along the marsh spewing diesel everywhere, I have personally come out to a car covered in black residue from the trains. How about when Dayton street floods in any mild rain event and cars get their engines nice and clean from driving through over a foot of standing water, where do you think that end’s up… in the marsh. How about the waste water treatment plant that spills out into the willow creek basin? People conveniently forget to mention these pollutants. If you are going to save the marsh lets look at the whole picture not just the port. This is a city wide problem not just a port problem.


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