Letter to the editor: Retain the current port commissioners



I believe that I have attended more port meetings over the past 20 plus years than any other port taxpayer. I am particularly vigilant at budget meetings.

The opposition to the current port commissioners seems to be a single issue, “the marsh”. However, the port is involved in only 10% or less of the “the marsh” ownership. Therefore the argument should really be directed at the City of Edmonds.

The current port commissioners fought against expanding the setbacks, and some taxpayers approved of their effort because it impacted the taxpayer’s values. (It is important to note that the Port District does not cover the whole City of Edmonds.)

As a result of the new setbacks, and under current law, some buildings in Harbor Square are non-conforming and cannot be substantially repaired.

I believe that the current commissioners must be retained if we are to continue to get prudent management of our very successful Port District.

Jack Bevan

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