Magic of Edmonds Rotary auction raises $118,000 for good causes

The Magic of Edmonds Rotary auction fully lived up to its theme last weekend.

The presidents of Edmonds‘ two Rotary clubs — Chris Lindberg of Edmonds Daybreakers Rotary and Scott James of Rotary Club of Edmonds — said that the first Edmonds Community Auction exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“When we decided on the theme The Magic of Edmonds, we had no idea that the magic would be as real as it was,” James said, noting that the event raised $118,000 for scholarships and other charitable endeavors.

“Thanks to the amazing generosity of the attendees, we will be able to help several additional Edmonds high school students attend college this fall,” Lindberg added.

For many local high school graduates, the Rotary scholarship funding generated during Saturday’s community auction will mean the difference between attending college or not. “And that,” James said, “can mean the difference between a lifetime of low-wage jobs or one of a well-paid, satisfying career.”

Globally, there are over 34,000 Rotary clubs with more than 1.2 million members. Edmonds has two clubs that between them include around 100 active, energized members, James said.

The Seattle-area Rotary District (of which the two Edmonds clubs are a part) sponsors hundreds of programs. For example, Rotary First Harvest connects farmers, truckers, volunteers and food banks for hunger relief. Every year it gathers between 7½ million and 10 million pounds of produce and processes and distributes it to food banks throughout Washington State. More of than half of those served are either children or seniors.



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  1. It was held Saturday night, October 21, at the wonderful new parish center at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Edmonds.


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